London Riots Carpet Right store in Tottenhams main shopping area before during and after

London Riots: Photos of before and after 1

Various pictures showing buildings and business before and after the riots started.

(Below) London Riots Carpet Right store in Tottenham’s main shopping area before, during, and after.

(Below) London Riots Paradise Gems retailer on High St in Tottenham before and after.

(Below) London Riots Pawn Shop on Oakfield Rd in Croydon before and after.

(Below) London Riots Reeves Furniture store in Croydon before and after.

(Below) London Riots Royal Mansions on London Rd in Croydon before and after.

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London Riots: Beware of donation site for Ashraf Haziq – looks like an internet mugging to me 4

The Malaysian student, Ashraf Haziq, who was mugged and robbed on video, is now recovering in a hospital with a broken jaw.  One of the robbers has possibly been identified, according to Channel 4 News out of the UK.

Out of this internet viral video is possibly another form of robbery.  A site called “Something Nice for Ashraf” has been created asking for donations and provides a direct link to PayPal.  No other information provided.

Smells fishy to me.  According to a comment I received from a Malaysian citizen, the Malaysian government will fully compensate him for his full expenses.  I clicked on the donation link simply to check it out, which does go into PayPal, but no where does it show who is receiving these donations.  Could be anybody.  And where is the proof that even one penny goes to Ashraf?  I checked out the twitter name on the site, @jamiecowen, and there is little to no information there, either.  An avatar with a “Save the Children” emblem in it… but anyone can create and upload that for their avatar.  A few tweets… nothing more.  An legitimate organization asking for donations for a cause always provides a LOT more information and proof than this donation site does.

If Malaysia is going to reimburse, then why is this person accepting donations for Ashraf?

Do not get me wrong… I feel horrible about what happened to Ashraf.  But that does not automatically make this site legit only because I – or we – want it to be.  This whole donation setup sounds like a scam to me.  If so, this is just as bad as those people are who robbed him out of his rucksack as he stood their bleeding.