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Occupy Wall Street organizing all over the US… and WORLD!

UPDATE: Friday, October 7th, 2011

Many of the links on the are bad – plus they keep changing the site around so it is becoming rather difficult to maneuver.  Therefore, I have gone through each state on Facebook and located some of the key Facebook pages.  I am sure there are more, but these are good starting places.  See list below.  If you would like your community added, please leave a comment with link.
UPDATE: Saturday, October 1st, 2011

Just arrived home from a very successful Occupy Albuquerque.  Please see update and photos on my #OccupyBurque post HERE.

Occupy Wall Street is now growing and expanding across the country.  Here are some of the site cropping up – all these are Facebook pages:

Occupy America

Alabama:     Occupy Birmingham     Occupy Alabama     Occupy Huntsville    Occupy Mobile     Occupy Tuscaloosa

Alaska:  Occupy Alaska     Occupy Anchorage

Arizona:  Occupy Arizona     Occupy Phoenix     Occupy Flagstaff     Occupy Tucson

Arkansas:  Occupy Arkansas

California:  Occupy San Francisco     Occupy California     Occupy San Jose      Occupy Los Angeles     Occupy San Diego

Colorado:  Occupy Denver    Occupy Colorado Springs

Connecticut:  Occupy Connecticut     Occupy Hartford CT

Delaware:  Occupy Delaware

Florida:  Occupy Florida    Occupy Orlando     Occupy Tallahassee     Occupy Miami     Occupy Ft Lauderdale

Georgia:  Occupy North Georgia    Occupy Atlanta

Hawaii:  Occupy Hawaii    Occupy Oahu

Idaho:  Occupy Idaho     Occupy Boise     Occupy Idaho Falls

Illinois:   Occupy Chicago

Indiana:  Occupy Indiana     Occupy Indianapolis     Occupy Lafayette IN     Occupy Evansville     Occupy Columbus IN

Iowa:  Occupy Iowa     Occupy Iowa City

Kansas:  Occupy Kansas

Kentucky:  Occupy Kentucky     Occupy Louisville

Louisiana:  Occupy New Orleans (NOLA)

Maine:  Occupy Maine

Maryland:  Occupy Cumberland Maryland

Massachusetts:  Occupy Boston

Michigan:  Occupy Michigan     Occupy Detroit     Occupy Flint MI     Occupy Southeast Michigan

Minnesota:  Occupy Minnesota     Occupy Minneapolis

Mississippi:  Occupy Mississippi

Missouri:  Occupy Kansas City     Occupy Jefferson City MO

Montana:  Occupy Montana     Occupy Helena

Nebraska:  Occupy Nebraska     Occupy Lincoln NE

Nevada:  Occupy Reno     Occupy Las Vegas

New Hampshire:  Occupy New Hampshire

New Jersey:  Occupy New Jersey

New Mexico:  Occupy New Mexico     Occupy Albuquerque      Occupy Santa Fe

New York:  Occupy Wall Street

North Carolina:  Occupy Greensboro North Carolina     Occupy Charlotte NC

North Dakota:  Occupy North Dakota     Occupy Fargo-Morehead

Ohio:  Occupy Ohio     Occupy Columbus OH     Occupy Cincinatti

Oklahoma:  Occupy Oklahoma     Occupy Oklahoma State University (OSU)

Oregon:  Occupy Oregon     Occupy Portland OR     Occupy Salem OR

Pennsylvania:  Occupy Philadelphia     Occupy Pittsburg     Occupy Scranton PA     Occupy Philly Medic Support Committee

Rhode Island:  Occupy Rhode Island     Occupy Providence RI

South Carolina:  Occupy Charleston SC     Occupy South Carolina     Occupy Columbia SC

South Dakota:  Occupy Sioux Falls

Tennessee:  Occupy Memphis     Occupy Clarksville TN     Occupy Tennessee     Occupy Nashville

Texas:  Occupy Dallas     Occupy Austin     Occupy Fort Worth     Occupy San Antonio     Occupy Houston

Utah:  Occupy Salt Lake City

Vermont:  Occupy Vermont-Burlington     Occupy Rutland Vermont

Virginia:  Occupy Richmond VA

Washington:  Occupy Seattle     Occupy Tacoma     Occupy Spokane

Washington DC:  Occupy DC

West Virginia:  Occupy West Virginia     Occupy Charleston WV

Wisconsin:  Occupy Milwaukee     Occupy Madison WI     Occupy Waukesha WI

Wyoming:  ???

Argentina:  Occupy Argentina

Australia:  Occupy Australia     Occupy Sydney     Occupy Melbourne     Occupy Brisbane

Brazil:  Occupy Brazil

Canada:  Occupy Canada     Occupy Quebec     Occupy Montreal

Czechoslovakia:  Czech Revolution

Denmark:  Occupy Denmark

Europe:  Occupy Europe

Finland:  Occupy Finland

France:  Occupy France

Germany:  Occupy Cologne

Italy:  Occupy Italy

New Zealand:  Occupy New Zealand     Occupy Auckland     Occupy Christchurch

Portugal:  Portuguese Revolution

Puerto Rico:  Occupy Puerto Rico

Spain:  Spanish Revolution

Sweden:  Occupy Sweden

United Kingdom:  Occupy Belfast     Occupy Brisbane     Occupy Ireland     Occupy Liverpool    Occupy the London Stock Exchange

Other related sites:

We Are the 99 Percent     Occupy Colleges     Occupy Planet Earth     Occupy COMO

*** More to come – takes a while as I search, find, and add ***


From MLK’s autobiography – very powerful message:

“On one dramatic occasion even Bull Connor’s men were shaken. It was a Sunday afternoon, when several hundred Birmingham Negroes had determined to hold a prayer meeting near the city jail. They gathered at the New Pilgrim Baptist Church and began an orderly march. Bull Connor ordered out the police dogs and fire hoses. When the marchers approached the border between the white and Negro areas, Connor ordered them to turn back. The Reverend Charles Billups, who was leading the march, politely refused. Enraged Bull Connor whirled on his men and shouted: “Dammit. Turn on the hoses.”

“What happened in the next thirty seconds was one of the most fantastic events of the Birmingham story. Bull Connor’s men stood facing the marchers. The marchers, many of them on their knees, ready to pit nothing but the power of their bodies and souls against Connor’s police dogs, clubs, and fire hoses, stared back, unafraid and unmoving. Slowly the Negroes stood up and began to advance. Connor’s men, as though hypnotized, fell back, their hoses sagging uselessly in their hands while several hundred Negroes marched past them, without further interference, and held their prayer meeting as planned. I felt there, for the first time, the pride and the power of nonviolence.”

Below is an article from CNN (I know, knock me over with a feather….)

(CNN) — Protests to draw attention to the power of Wall Street firms in the United States and world economies will continue for an 11th straight day in lower Manhattan Tuesday.

“Our main concern is the way that democracy is hijacked through wealth inequality,” said Patrick Bruner, a spokesman for the protest group Occupy Wall Street. Bruner said protestors plan to present a list of demands, though they don’t know when or to whom they will present them to.

The group, taking its inspiration from the Arab Spring protests that swept through Africa and the Middle East, has taken up residence in a park in New York’s Financial District, calling for 20,000 people to flood the area for a “few months” to press home their point. Social media fueled those uprisings in places like Egypt and Libya and organizers are hoping it will work in the United States too.

“The rich are getting away with a huge crime,” documentary filmmaker Michael Moore said Monday on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.” “Nobody’s been arrested on Wall Street for the crash of 2008. They’re not paying their fair share of the taxes.”

“I do well,” Moore acknowledged, but “we reward people for making money off money, and moving money around and dividing up mortgages a thousand times over, selling it to China … and it becomes this shell game.”

Moore spoke to the protesters before appearing on CNN, telling them that he’ll be happy when “the real people in this country are in charge” and he doesn’t have to make another movie or write another book on what he sees as the social and political ills of America.

About 100 people have been arrested during the protests, police said. People were apprehended for disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and assaulting a police officer, said New York City Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne. Most of the arrests came Saturday. There were no arrests Sunday and Monday, protest organizers said.

Demonstrators have accused police of using excessive force, following the release of a video from Saturday that shows an officer pepper spraying several women.

“This officer in a white shirt just came around and sprayed me and three other girls in the face,” said Chelsea Elliott, one of the women from the video. “Of course the rest blew into everyone around us and the cop in front of me got hit too.”

“It was one of the most disturbing things I have ever seen,” said Amanda Clarke, another protester who witnessed the incident. “It was absolutely horrible to see.”

Elliott called the incident “inexcusable” and said she plans to file a formal complaint.

The Occupy Wall Street website calls for the officer to be “charged for his crimes” and jailed. The group also has demanded that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly resign and that Mayor Michael Bloomberg “apologize for the police brutality and the cover-up that followed.”

Appropriate and necessary force was used, police said.

“Protestors who engage in civil disobedience can expect to be arrested,” Browne said. “Those who resist arrest can expect some measure of force will be used.”

Police say the videos failed to capture or edited out important events that led to the eventual altercation. It’s a charge protesters have denied. The group has posted multiple videos showing the incident on its web page.

The protest campaign — which uses the hashtag #occupywallstreet on the microblogging site Twitter — began in July with the launch of a simple campaign website calling for a march and a sit-in at the New York Stock Exchange, just as demonstrators did in the Middle East and Africa.

“The one thing we all have in common is that We Are The 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%,” the group’s website said.

Source:  CNN

Here is another coverage (again… knock me over with a feather) by MSNBC which is actually supporting the Occupy Wall Street protesters by exposing how the police inappropriately responded to some protestors….

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  1. You have us listed as Occupy Greensboro GA. It is Occupy Greensboro NORTH CAROLINA. The clickthrough is a dead link to b/c it doesn’t exist. Please correct.

  2. The police chief is the governor? Yes? Cover his cowardly acts.
    Who is treated like an animal reacts with animal
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