Blog Talk Radio interview with Peter Hebert about the Black Friday Wal*Mart boycott 2

Just interviewed with internet radio talk show host, Peter Hebert, about the Wal*Mart boycott.  This show will be available to listen to today, November 8th, at 2:30 EST.  It will be available anytime to listen to as well.

Here are the details on the interview, and the link to the show.


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The Black Friday Wal-Mart Boycott | #boycottwalmart 3

The Corruption known as Wal-Mart provides an up-front savings for shoppers, but the cost is carried by increasingly brutal labor conditions, especially in China, but also in the U.S.

It is now the largest corporation in the world, its practice of disregarding human rights for the sake of a good sale on the other side of the world is setting an ominous trend in an industry that is now trying to keep up with Wal-Mart by wringing more labor for less and less compensation.