Bill O’Reilly: The Occupy Movement is “a failure.” I am so LMAO at you, Bill…. 1

Bill O’Reilly is, once again, creating lies and twisting facts into what he, and FOX News, wants their viewers to believe.

Here is a video from his November 16th edition on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”  Trust me, I had a hard time stomaching the vomit he spewed forth.



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State orders Occupy Indy protestors 24 hours to get out 9

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – State officials gave Occupy Indy protesters 24 hours to clear their tents, sleeping bags and other camping accessories from the Statehouse lawn and warned there could be arrests Thursday should anybody resist the efforts to remove the items.

The Department of Administration ordered the handful of remaining protesters to clear out in a letter delivered Wednesday afternoon.

The state ordered the protesters to clear out “all personal property, including tents, sleeping bags, and tarps.” Anything left will be removed Thursday and taken to a Department of Sanitation parking garage.


The Straw Man Comes to Zuccotti Park by Naomi Wolf | Photos from November 15 Reply

Written by:  Naomi Wolf Nov. 16, 2011

Yesterday morning, when I learned that Zuccotti Park had been cleared overnight by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg — who justified his action in a statement that cited health and safety concerns — the first thing I did was call my lawyer. I wanted to go and show my support for the protesters’ First Amendment right “to assemble and petition government for redress of grievances” — a right that a 1925 Supreme Court decision confirmed superseded municipalities’ laws that sought to restrict its exercise. But my partner and I had already been arrested on Oct. 19 for standing peacefully on Hudson Street after informing protesters outside an event I was attending of their right to assemble. The wonderful National Lawyers Guild advised us that we would probably be O.K. — the New York police department would have to alert us before a second arrest.