Black Friday stampedes. There are other alternatives… 4

In watching these videos of footage from today’s Black Friday’s stampedes, I honestly just do not understand this.  I don’t.  Why do people do this?  They are very apparently risking injury to themselves and others, as well as being a target for robberies and a possible punching bag for an irate shopper simply standing next to you. More…

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Chaos ensues at Wal*Mart and other stores on Black Friday Reply

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Violence marred Black Friday shopping in at least five states, including a California incident in which police say a woman doused fellow shoppers with pepper spray in a bid to cut to the head of the line.

The incident happened at a Walmart in the Porter Ranch area of Los Angeles, police spokesman Officer Robert Chavira said.

About 15 people were exposed to the spray. Los Angeles firefighters treated them at the scene and no one required hospitalization, Chavira said.

The woman was able to pay for her purchases and leave the store before police arrived, Chavira said. More…