The Inner Guts of My Computer | Before and After Photos 12


Well, today was a quiet, peaceful Christmas day, which is exactly what I needed.  Spent some time with someone very dear to me, and also managed to get quite a bit done computer-wise.  Reinstalled Ubuntu on one of my laptops, set up Filezilla, installed a new router, started researching other hosting companies to move to and get off of GoDaddy, and… cleaned my computer.  I live in New Mexico and, well, this is the desert and there is a LOT of dust here.  Especially after the drought we’ve been in for a year now.  So thought I would share some before and after pictures.  This is only after five months as my system was cleaned out just last July. More…

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SOPA for Dummies 10

One awesome (and anonymous) person decided to put together a short but sweet Google Doc called “SOPA For Dummies” to help explain this bill is simplistic terms.

Here is the G Doc in it’s entirety:     More…