Month: February 2012

American Life League video against Planned Parenthood

Hilarious Anti-Planned Parenthood Video (Warning: Penis-shaped eclairs)

The American Life League released an absurd (and unintentionally hilarious) propaganda video meant to smear Planned Parenthood. In this video, Planned Parenthood is actually called “these perverts”; is accused of selling pornography to children under the name of science; and the gateway drug is masturbation. The speaker, Michael Hitchborn, […]

Advertising outside of a nail care shop

Miscellany Vol. 3

Just a hodge-podge of miscellaneous images from the internet. Most are funny, a few more serious. Just kickin’ back here and letting my mind turn to mush for the night. Hope you enjoy! As Tony says from Barking in the Dark, “…continue….”


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