Private Prisons Offering to Buy State-Run Prisons 14

Private prisons are one of the largest corporations in history to profit directly from the misery of people, and now they want to buy out state-ran facilities. The main stream media is not helping matters either as they simply sweep the details under the rug, and promote the false notion that criminals get what they ask for. Most American citizens live under the philosophy simply because they grew up hearing, “Lock them up and throw away the key.” What would you think if you found out that most of the inmates in private prisons really do not belong there? Not in prison, anyway. Laws are being created due to the heavily financed lobbying by CCA and GEO Group which are purely passed to increase the prison population. Why? Because for every inmate housed, those who own stock in a private prison profit each day per each inmate. There are no losses… pure profit.


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The Republican’s War Against Women | Hey, Fair is Fair Here… 21

LOVE this photoshopped image! Found this on a site called, SnarkySnatch, and it is just perfect! Hey, fair is fair. If only…. (sigh).

Ladies – and men who support women’s rights – a war has started by the Republicans which will set us back hundreds of years. Time to stand firm and let the public hear your voice. I am woman, hear me roar!


SNL’s Church Lady Meets Senator Rick Santorum 17

Yesterday, Don in Massachusetts posted a political cartoon which shows Dana Carvey’s “Church Lady” character on TV, and the TV viewer in the cartoon thought he was watching Rick Santorum. Well… I thought I would take this one step further in Photoshop….

I present to you, Rick Santorum as the Church Lady from Saturday Night Live:


Santorum: Being Female is a Mental Disorder 14

Now, first of all, this is a satirical post from the website Free Wood Post. However, after this article went viral, so many people questioned it’s validity that snopes even researched and posted that it, “…is not something actually uttered by Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum….” Although this is hilarious, it is also very sad that we have a man running for the GOP POTUS candidacy who is so off the chain, that so many citizens actually thought it may by true!


Gay Hairdresser Refuses to Cut NM Gov. Susana Martinez’s Hair Due to Anti-Same-Sex Stance 38

THIS IS GREAT! Governor Susana Martinez has lost a hair stylist thanks to her position against gay marriage.

Antonio Darden, a popular stylist who runs Antonio’s Hair Studio in Santa Fe, said he cut Martinez’ hair three times, but that’s it – unless she changes her mind about gay marriage.


Happy Hump Day | Political and Current News Humor 18

During the past several weeks, our country has seen a revelation like no other with the Republican Party, especially in the Republican primaries. Each and every debate and hot topic is of a very serious nature, however, sometimes we just need to laugh at the insanity we are witnessing which belongs in our future history books.


The Case of “Republicans v. Women” by Annabel Lee 12

Annabel Lee of Double Dip Politics has written a most phenomenal article where she loosely portrays herself as an attorney defending American woman. It is an honor to to feature this post as my guest post today – but please, do not stop reading her work here. Go check out Annabel’s site… her writing is impeccable in every area. The content, choice of words and grammar, as well as expressing her views fairly – which is often a very difficult task to accomplish. Personally, I know I go off the deep end from time to time, and I can just hear people’s eyeballs rolling in the heads after I hit “publish.”


The Look on Michele Bachmann’s Face: Priceless 12

Heeeeeere's Bachmann!

Just the other day, Michele Bachmann was interviewed by CNN’s Candy Crowley. Candy made the fatal mistake of assuming Michele Bachmann could think independently of male Republican propaganda.

“Where are the women,” said Crowley to Bachmann regarding the male-dominated debate on contraception in a TPM post.


Rick “InSanetorium” Santorum 16

According to recent polls, CNN is stating the the latest results from Gallup’s daily tracking poll indicate Rick Santorum has overtaken Mitt Romney nationwide and now leads the former Massachusetts governor by an eight-point margin.

According to the poll released Sunday, 36% of registered Republicans said they are backing Santorum, while 28% prefer Romney.