Don’t believe in evolution? Check this out…

Here are a couple videos of stingrays. That’s right… stingrays. The baby stingrays in this first video have translucent skin which allows you to partially see the internal organs and features of this species of stingrays. The first 30 seconds are ho-hum. A couple of stingrays skimming the bottom of the tank. But wait until the 30 second mark – when the first of the two start swimming up and you have a clear view of the underbelly.

Look familiar? Just watch them dance.

Dancing baby stingray

Maybe you have seen this before, but I most certainly have not – and I find it utterly amazing! In the middle of the body are what appears to be it’s organs. But the very outer edge of it’s organs on both sides looks like it has two legs, but have not evolved away as of yet.

Then I may be completely off base and those are not legs – or arms. Some type of appendage, anyway. Regardless, this species of stingray, which I am unable to find more information, has two legs that I was completely unaware of. Then you add in the eyes and mouth, and it almost looks as though it is some sort of amphibian-humanoid which may have been the early creatures which eventually left the ocean for land.


Stingray Gives Birth On Land After Being Caught By Fisherman

In this next video, you will actually watch a stingray give birth. But I will forewarn you – you may find the scenario offensive. But think about this logically. A man was fishing off his pier and caught a stingray. If you have ever been salt-water or deep-water fishing, it happens. There are also fresh-water stingrays, but salt-water is much more commonly caught. I have caught one myself when I was young and fishing with my father off of a pier in Florida. We cut the line and put it back in the water and off it went.

I imagine that was the plan of this man – then suddenly, he realized the stingray was giving birth! My initial reaction was not unlike many other reactions and comments on this video… when the guy saw it was giving birth, why didn’t he immediately put her back in the water? Then I really started to think about it. Would I have immediately thrown it back in? Or would I continue completely fascinated by watching the birth. To be perfectly honest… I would have continued filming, too. Although I wouldn’t have waited as long as this dude did to put them back in the water. This would be a once-in-a-lifetime event to witness – and by pure happenstance.

If you do not want to watch the entire video, as it gets very boring as he sets the camera down. But he does eventually return them all, mother and babies, back to the water. When watching, remember that those two protrusions on either side of the tail are the leg-like appendages. Then when giving birth – remarkably resembles a woman giving birth.


Am I trying to say that we evolved from the stingray? Absolutely not. Look at the evolutionary value here. Many types of sea life have developed appendages to help them survive – as life truly is “survival of the fittest.” But when I saw these legs, my jaw dropped. We are all tied together by continuing backwards in time – reversing the evolutionary timeline until we return to the point where sea creatures, for whatever survival reason, crawled out of the water and survived.

Then they eventually walked.

 And danced (someone’s Photoshop joke of the dancing baby stingray):

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  1. Remember going fishing, and caught a shark ( actually it ate the rock cod I caught) that after being hauled on board suddenly dropped around 20 little sharks on the deck.

    • I didn’t say they were legs, just that they looked like it. My point is about evolution. How some prehistoric creature like this was the precursor to man, just look at the similarity of body parts or placement.

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