New Political Term: Filibusterbating 2

Def. Filibusterbating: (fĭl’ə-bŭs’tər-bā-ˈtiŋ) The act of filibustering your own bill.

Def: Filibusterbator: The person who is caught in the act of filibusterbating. For example, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is a filibusterbator. McConnell was caught rosy-palmed red-handed filibusterbating on Thursday, December 6th.

Thank you, Veruca, for this wonderfully creative new terminology. Veruca is the owner of the Facebook page, The Everlasting GOP Stoppers, which I follow religiously, especially during the elections.

Mitch McConnell filibusterbating 2

Mitch McConnell Filibusterbating his own bill

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  1. This bastard is wasting the TAXPAYERS time and money. Filibustering his own bill. He should be held in Contempt of Congress.

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