Popular Toys and Games from the 1970s and 1980s

A trip down Toyland Memory Lane. Remember these? I played with the ’70’s toys, and remember the younger kids playing with the ’80’s toys while I discovered video games. Frogger was my favorite. I never did get into Pac Man nor Mario Brothers, though.  

70a toy clackers

LOVED my Clackers. I remember the rumors about these shatter and putting kids eyes out.

 70b toys atari

70b toys early hand held electronic football game

I had this handheld football game. I thought I was the shit back then!

 70b toys easy bake oven style

70b toys etch a sketch

70b toys fisher price parking garage

70b toys fisher price wind up baby music

70b toys lite brite

70b toys merlin the electronic wizard

This was the popular choice when we had free time in school

70b toys preschool Fisher and Price doctors kit

70b toys preschool record player

70b toys rock em sock em robots

70b toys silly putty

LOVED my Silly Putty!

70b toys simon

Electronic games were my favorites.

70b toys slinky

70b toys speak and spell

70b toys spirograph

70b toys stretch armstrong

70b toys the six million dollar man

70b toys trouble bubble pop game

When I was very young, the popping noise didn’t bother me in the least. But when I was older and around the young children playing Trouble, that very same noise would drive me insane!

70b toys viewmaster and kaleidescope

70b toys water ring toss

80s garbage pail kids

80s nintendo

80s rubiks cube

I solved Rubik’s Cube!!!

Retro Commercial for the Cabbage Patch Kids.

I do not remember this commercial. But then, I thought the Cabbage Patch kids were the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen. Eventually Pet Rock came around and beat out the stupidity of the Cabbage Patch Kids.


80s toys koosh ball

80s toys rainbow brite

80s toys slime

80s toys sony walkman

Retro Sony Walkman commercial:

80s video games area

80s video games asteroids

80s video games frogger

80s video games pacman

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  1. I remembered some of these because I had them when I was a kid. And a Walkman was my prized possession when they came out. I wouldn’t have bet my son had even 1/4 of these, but he described them each in great detail when I read him the names. Seems he had almost all of them and the parent who gave them to him didn’t remember. Doh!

    • Oh, yeah? LOL… this sounds stupid, but that electronic football is what helped me start to understand the game. I was all about basketball as a young child. I never went to a high school football game. It wasn’t until college that I really started watching football.

  2. Some of these I remember from my youth ( etch-a-sketch, play-doh, slinky and view master). And I had a walkman as a young adult. Some are from my daughter’s childhood ( Rubic’s cube, pac-man and most anything by Fisher Price). All brought back some great memories of being a daughter and raising one, pictured with me here. She’s on the right. Thanks.

    • OMG… I didn’t think about adding the the lawn darts. Weren’t they called “jarts”? LOL.. I was playing Scrabble on my tablet the other night and tried to enter “jarts.” That was a “no” from the computer.

  3. They brougt a few of these back. My kids play with them now. Toys then outdo todays. Speack and spell was my toy of choice. My kids like the Atari today and pacman…. great post.

  4. Anyone got a picture of Sloppy Jalopy, the car that fell apart when it smashed into something, then you put it back together. I’m pretty sure it looked like an army jeep. Want to show someone but can’t find it on search engine.

  5. Post. I hated the clackers but I loved my sunglasses with blue lenses and windscreen wipers and my flocked potted flower which was changed colour with the weather. I also was in the bionic woman fan club. Jamie Sommers was so cool – and check out the tan!

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