My dog makes noises just like a squeaky-toy

Well, technically, this isn’t my dog. He is here while his parents are gone out of town. His name is Wilson, and he is an Irish-marked Portuguese Water Dog. He has definitely let us know he has a voice and often (too often) demands to be heard. Today, however, he made a noise that I have never heard a dog make so I had to get my camcorder and hope he wouldn’t stop.  

He yips at first, but in between his yips and yaps, he sounds exactly like a squeaky-toy. Yes, that is him. LOL… It sounds like someone is hiding behind the crates and constantly squeezing a dog toy – but there isn’t. I’m the only human at home at this time, and we don’t even have any squeaky-toys in the house… they’ve all been “de-squeaked” by the dogs.

And yes, Wilson was let out to potty and play shortly after this video. He had to wait his turn. It’s “organized-chaos”….


Dog making sounds like a squeaky toy - screenshot

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