Beautiful and Adorable Pictures of Animals 11

A wide variety of animals featured here. Some are wild, some are pets, some rescued, some at the zoo…. So get your “awwww’s” all ready to go because there are a few of them.

But they should all at least make you smile.

Photo credits are completely unknown. These images were sent to me via email from a friend. I have seen a few of them roaming around the internet, but still do not know who took those either.


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3D Origami Illustrations of Wild Animals 11

Origami is the art of folding paper, so what’s it called when one creates a digital representation of the meticulous paper art? Whatever it is, artist Jeremy Kool has mastered it in his series entitled The Paper Fox. Kool brilliantly displays paper sculptures of all types of wildlife. The Australia-based graphic designer’s digital illustrations range from an imposing stag to a modest firefly, each made with remarkable believability with realistic creases and textures.