Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker | Recall Location Revealed. Watch Via Webcam. 6

It is just now over one year since Wisconsin State Governor Scott Walker introduced a bill to virtually eliminate collective bargaining for public labor unions, and who required state- and local-government employees to begin paying into their own pension accounts. For this, Walker faces an almost certain recall election this summer.


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One Million Petition for the Recall of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker 3

The petition drive to recall and remove Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has surpassed all expectations, collecting over one million signatures in just 60 days.

Petitioners were only required to collect 540,000 by law. They far exceeded this number, making a successful legal challenge of the recall highly unlikely. This is the largest recall in U.S. history. Volunteers also gathered over 845,000 signatures to recall Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch, as well enough signatures for four of the state senators who voted for Walker’s collective bargaining bill in March 2011, adding hundreds of thousands more petitions to a pile estimated to weigh over one ton. More…