Papa John’s CEO Schnatter is Full of Bologna 26

Another melodramatic multi-gazillionaire has been at it again.

Papa John’s International Chief Executive Officer John Schnatter — a supporter of former GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney and opponent of the Affordable Care Act — said he estimated compliance with the healthcare reform law would cost his company about $5 to 8 million annually.

The company made $1.2 billion in revenue last yer, with total operating expenses of $1.131 billion and a gross profit of $87 million.


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AZ Rep. Debbie Lesko (R) Defending Her HB2625 Allowing Employers to Opt Out of Birth Control Coverage 23

Here is a letter written by Debbie Lesko which was published in the Daily News-Sun. In this letter she is defending her House Bill 2625 which allows any employer to opt out of birth control coverage based upon their religious beliefs.