Casey Anthony’s stories nearly all fabrications 3

Casey Anthony, 25, is on trial in Orlando, Florida for first-degree murder, accused of killing daughter Caylee on June 16, 2008 and hiding the body in woods near the Anthony home.

Caylee’s skeletal remains were found in December 2008. Duct tape wrapped three times around her skull, mouth and nose is the only evidence indicating cause of death, according to prosecutors.

The crime scene investigator who searched Casey Anthony’s car on July 17, 2008, for clues about the fate of her missing 2-year-old daughter testified on Friday that the odor of human decomposition wafted from the interior as soon as he opened the door.

“My professional opinion is that it was human decomposition,” said Gerardo Bloise, who told jurors he has seen as many as 45 bodies in various stages of decomposition in his career.

More information provided in this video about the inconsistencies in Casey’s stories.

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