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Photos from Libya: Rebellion, life, and the children

Libya is entering the third month of fighting since a rebellion began in February. Today prosecutors from the International Criminal Court in The Hague issued arrest warrants for Libyan leader Moammar Khadafy, his son Saif al-Islam Khadafy, and his brother-in-law Abdullah Al-Sanousi for organizing attacks on civilians during […]

Remembering the May 8th, 1984 Libyan Martyrs

On May 8th, 1984, 27 years ago, a Libyan opposition group called the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, attempted to overthrow the violent regime of Muammar Gaddafi and install a democratic government. The opposition group, led by Ahmed Ibrahim Ihwas, bravely attacked Gaddafi’s secure Bab Azizia […]


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