The Penn State – Sandusky cover-up. All for profit? Photos / video of student riot. 2

The recent news of the sex scandal at Penn State, centered around former Assistant Coach, Jerry Sandusky, performing sexual acts (abuse) with boys as young as seven years old is completely overwhelming and devastating to me.  I am in complete shock that so many people knew about these heinous acts, yet swept them under the rug purely to protect the reputation of the football program as well as guarding against the financial impact this would cause.  This entire cover-up has haunted me since I first saw this on the news last night.  These poor children… and for Victim #2 to actually have been witnessed by then graduate assistant, Mike McQueary, being raped in the shower by Sandusky, only for no one to come to this child’s rescue completely tears me apart. More…

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Scandal rocks Penn State | President Spanier removed and Coach Paterno sacked today 3

•  Joe Paterno, one of the biggest names in college football, will never coach another game
•  Penn State president Graham Spanier also forced out by Board of Trustees
•  Allegations of a cover-up as two school administrators charged with failing to report their findings about the sexual assaults
•  One boy said he was assaulted at least 20 times at Jerry Sandusky’s home and the boy’s high school in 2005 or 2006
•  Pennsylvania’s top police officer says Paterno should have done more to stop his one-time heir-apparent
•  Penn State students rally to support beloved coach Paterno More…