Amazing Footage of the Birth of an Elephant 7

First of all, this is graphic. You will see the baby appear, drop, and all the other “lovely” items that are associated with giving birth. The mother elephant will release a gush like you’ve never seen before. LOL… and ladies, after you watch this, child-bearing just won’t seem quite as bad as before.

I am sharing this video primarily because of what happens after the baby elephant is born. You see, the baby was born dead. Not breathing and would not start breathing as it normally should have. Watch what the frantic mother does to the lifeless body. This video will amaze you with the birth, some may be repulsed at the graphic nature as you will see it all – but that’s life, that’s nature – then you will experience terror as you watch the lifeless body lay there. Your heart will be full of pain as you watch the mother elephant hold and coil her lifeless baby’s trunk in her own trunk. At that point, I just wanted to go running to the mother elephant, hug her and tell her it’s all okay… it’s okay.


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