Interpol Arrests Suspected ‘Anonymous’ Hackers 4


Police in Europe and South America have arrested 25 alleged members of the “Anonymous” hacking group, Interpol said, amid a suspected attack on its own website by the group’s supporters.

The arrests include four people in Spain, ten in Argentina, six in Chile and five in Colombia as part of a worldwide sweep carried out as part of Interpol operation “Exposure.”


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Footage of Spain police beating protesters, over 100 injured Reply

More than 100 people were injured in Spain as riot police clashed with protesters on Friday, as authorities cleared away a makeshift camp set up as part of a Spain-wide demonstration against the country’s economic problems. The trouble started when police tried to clear the protesters from a main square in Barcelona. Many of the protesters, who are angry about high unemployment, anti-austerity measures and politicians’ handling of the economy, refused to move. Video from a local broadcaster showed officers beating the demonstrators and dragging them on the ground.

UPDATE: More on the man who beheaded the British woman in Los Cristianos Spain Reply

Wild-eyed, he held his hands wide apart and declared: ‘I want a knife this big – I’m going to kill someone.’

Caught on a supermarket CCTV camera, this is Deyan Valentinov Deyanov, the vagrant held over the beheading of a British grandmother in Tenerife.

Footage shows him walking into the store in the resort of Los Cristianos and explaining what he was about to do.

Unable to obtain a knife, he left and went to a Chinese souvenir shop where, 20 minutes later, he snatched a knife from the shelf and attacked 60-year-old Jennifer Mills-Westley, stabbing her 14 times before running down the street carrying her severed head.

The killer on camera: Deyan Valentinov Deyanov pictured in a local supermarket just before the attack


The shopkeeper who saw Deyanov minutes before the bloodbath yesterday told how the 28-year-old Bulgarian was agitatedly walking through the Avenidas supermarket in a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops on Friday morning.

The man, who gave his name as Carlos, said: ‘He had a note in his hands which he showed me. It said, “I am God”. I asked him what he was looking for and he held his hands far apart and said, “I’m looking for a knife this big”. I said we didn’t have knives and asked what he wanted it for. He said, “I want to kill someone”, and gestured across his neck.’

Yesterday the family of mother-of-two Mrs Mills-Westley, a retired road safety officer from Norwich, questioned why her killer had been free to walk the streets despite a history of mental illness and violent behaviour.

Deyanov spent time in a mental hospital this year after attacking a security guard with a brick on New Year’s Eve and knocking out his front teeth.

Squalid: The derelict house where Deyanov has been living


Shrine: The makeshift home Deyanov lived in also featured an altar made from breeze blocks and a collection of books


Locals at the resort described him as a madman who was constantly prowling the streets talking to himself, smoking cannabis and telling passers-by: ‘I am God and I’m going to strike you down.’

He slept in a derelict hut on the beach, where he kept a Bible mounted on a breeze block, and had been arrested only two days before the murder for pestering girls at a nightclub.

The Tenerife newspaper La Opinion reported that a judge had issued a search and arrest order for him on May 10, three days before the killing.

He was said to have been involved in a fight a few days earlier in the Veronicas district of Playa de Las Americas. The newspaper said that witnesses had reported that Deyanov appeared to be on drugs.

Mrs Mills-Westley’s ex-husband Peter said: ‘It goes without saying that we need to know why this man was out on the streets, and that needs to be looked into.’

The retired heating engineer, who now lives in Wexford, Ireland, added: ‘Jenny was a wonderful wife and a brilliant mother for my children. She was a wonderful woman, I loved her dearly and she was brilliant in so many ways.’

Last updated at 11:51 AM on 16th May 2011

British woman decapitated in Los Cristianos Spain Reply

UPDATE May 16, 2011: More on the man who beheaded British Woman, click here

A British woman has been stabbed and decapitated in Tenerife. The 60-year-old woman was reportedly attacked in a supermarket in the town of Los Cristianos on the island.

A Bulgarian man, believed to be homeless, has been detained by Spanish police. He was reportedly admitted to the psychiatric unit after knocking a stranger’s teeth out on the street.

Colin Kirkby, a 50-year-old British journalist who witnessed the attack, told MailOnline that the man probably picked up the knife inside the shop – and there was no apparent motivation.

‘A middle-aged English couple in the shop said it came out of the blue and there was no real disturbance, there are security guards in the centre that would have been on the scene quickly,’ he said.

‘The shop sells cheap souvenir sword-like blades and I think if he had walked into the shop with the blade he would have been stopped by security and that’s what people are thinking.’

Mr Kirkby added that it was so surreal he thought the ‘scruffy’ man, aged in his 20s, was carrying a ‘joke’ head.

‘I could hear people shouting and screaming and the guy was walking along the footpath slowly muttering to himself carrying the head – it was very surreal,’ he said.

‘I couldn’t hear what he was muttering and seemed to be oblivious to everything around him and was sort of rambling.

‘He was holding the head by the hair and I couldn’t help but think of the image in the Clash of the Titans where a man is beheaded.

‘One of the things was there wasn’t a lot of blood everywhere and there was no weapon on him.

‘He was not the smartest looking of guys and not well groomed, I don’t know if he was sleeping rough.’

He added that when the man was bundled to the floor by security he was not screaming and thrashing to get away.

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Haunting: The victim’s head lies on the ground covered only by a sheet as stunned crowds held back by police tape look on.


Gruesome: The victim’s body is carried away on a stretcher from the shop where she was decapitated. Police arrived on the scene and sealed off the area.


Wrestled to the ground: The man had been running through the town brandishing the woman’s head before being tackled by a motorcyclist.


Popular: Millions of British tourists flock to Los Cristianos every year but this is understood to be the first attack of its kind on a holidaymaker in the area.