Is there a possible second perpetrator in the mass execution at Utøya? Photos Reply

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Several of the surviving young people from the massacre at Utøya tells of yet another culprit. Several have described the man, who has been wearing police uniforms as Anders Behring Breivik did, look:

- We have heard exactly the same witness descriptions that there should be a culprit number two. We worked on high pressure to clarify the situation last night and are still working hard to clarify whether there is a number two, said police inspector Einar Aas Oslo Police District told VG.

32 year old Anders Behring is charged with both the Oslo-bomb and massacre, according to Penal Code section 147a of terrorist acts. The bomb in the government building killed seven people and at least 84 youths were shot and killed the bugs. The application continued after death, and police can not rule out that the death toll will rise.

TV2 reported in writing that the police have just arrested a Nordic-looking young boy Sundvollen. More…

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