Month: January 2012

The Parting Shot for January 26, 2012

Taos Pueblo “Place of the Red Willows” On a plaque in the Taos Visitors Center is written: “The oldest continuously inhabited community in the United States has been acknowledged by historians to be our home for more than 1,000 years. They speculate about where we came from, but […]


In an awesome twist of fate, it seems that Colonel Stryker got a hold of Disney’s resident mascot and has turned him into the animal he apparently always was all this time. Fitting him with adamantium claws, Mickey has now become WolverMickey.

The TSA Blog

When looking through TIME’s “The Best Blogs of 2011” I saw “The TSA Blog” listed. Ayup… a blog all about TSA, from the TSA’s point of view. Spokesman “Blogger Bob” spends much of his time debunking myths that didn’t need debunking and expressing a peculiar sense of humor. He also manages […]