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Latest Craze: Putting Bread on your Cat’s Head Pictures

A new craze for photographing pet cats with a slice of bread on their heads has become a hit on the Internet. These are some of the bizarre photos uploaded to a Facebook group called: “Putting bread on your cat, so that people think you have a walking sandwich”.

How this one came about I have absolutely NO clue. (scratching my head…)

Some photos off of Facebook (and a few dogs have joined in, too):

Click on a thumbnail to pull up in full size:

And for the dog-lovers, here is the newest doggie fad… Putting Tortillas on your dog’s head:


    • Oh, HELL no! LOL!!! That goes in the category with Pet Rock (which I’m proud to say I did not buy into that, never owned one myself.)

      I’ll bet you’re right, though, that it developed off of that book.

      • Oh no, the book came from the website! Hust as there is a ‘passive -aggressive notes’ book as well as so many other based off of websites. Just a re-do.
        Someone gave me a Pet Rock once -this was probably around 1974. I threw it at a boy.
        You have only elevated in my eyes by your admission of a) remembering the f**king rocks b) NEVER buying one.

    • She speaks: Sadly the cat was mentally discombobulated prior to the ability to take pictures. Now Ambrose Beast has gone on to be with Bast.
      I was awarded my daughter. He was awarded the pets.
      Still believe I am owed royalties for the years long stolen picture ‘cat in a melon helmet’ image.
      Fucking Exes

      • As much of an animal lover as I am, you most definitely made out better in the division when splitting from the ex. (I have two, and have determined marriage is NOT my cup of tea – or coffee in my case)

    • Hey…I love Stuff on My Cat! The website, at least. Not sure it’s worth paying for a book. Has it really been ten years since we discovered that the web is built for sharing pictures of cats with stuff on their heads? And now see what it’s come to…

      • I have to admit, one of my guilty pleasures of laughing at my dogs at their expense is putting tape on the bottom of their paws. It’s hilarious! In all reality, though… I have not done that in years. It originally happened on accident with my husky. I had a roll of sticky tape lint roller and pulled off a fairly furry piece so I could use a fresh one. And out of the corner of my eye, I see Niki doing a karate kick with one of her hind legs. “WTF…” It was hilarious! Then I saw the tape on the bottom of her paw and realized why she was doing that. I think I did it on purpose one more time after that for the giggles – with the furry roller tape because it didn’t pull her hair out. Then I stopped. I felt guilty…

  1. This is exploitation and I will be seeking my high-uppers in the Animal Rights Association. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Never seen anything like this before. I wonder if these people have day jobs. Idle time, wasted mind.

        • They are a whack job. I rescue and train dogs. Moving into a house with out 15 dogs. Needless to say, I love dogs. But PETA causes more problems than they help for the animal kingdom. There is a natural hierarchy but PETA would rather see fish have more rights than a homeless child. Now don’t get me wrong, I despise animal abuse and would love to take any abuser and hang them by their toes, pour honey and fire ants all over their body. But have some common sense PETA, crickey!

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