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I’ll be watching you…. | Canine Humor

Isn’t this the truth!


  1. Reblogged this on musicmansoccupation and commented:
    I came across this shortly after our family black lab “Keisha” passed on to a better life. This photo will do nicely as a reminder of how funny she was…she loved to watch the kitchen and never ever did anything hit the floor that she did not know about.

    • LOL. I had a blue-eyed Husky once and she would stare at anyone eating. Used to freak some people out who were not used to such intense blue eyes on a dog.

      That wast the last dog I ever gave table scraps to. My two now do not beg, do not get in the garbage, etc. In fact, one night I accidentally left half a pizza on the coffee table. Next morning, it was still there – and the dogs have free reign on the house. So much nicer than my Husky how would stare and drool.

      • Sigh, that was my downfall. Giving him table scraps. He freaks my mother out sometimes…she thinks he gets an upset look on his face his eyes get so intense. But he’s only a little dog…lol. I should have never allowed him to have “people” food.

        • After seeing and experiencing the difference between dogs I gave people food to and those I didn’t – I will never give people food ever again. It’s been wonderful. I buy them plenty of wonderful, healthy dog treats. In fact, they eat food that’s better for them than I do.

  2. How about this.
    Every ban you make, every law you break, every right you take, I’ll be watching you Republicans.

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