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Did You Know That….

Now, how many times do you say “gullible”

out loud before you figured it out?

I did about five or six times….

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  1. Lol – You caught me for this one at the perfect time. Haven’t had my coffee yet, and it’s my most “orange” time of the day. I said orange at least a dozen times and it never sounded like “gullible” even once.

    Then I realized that I was repeating the WRONG word! So I started over again with the right word, which of course is “gullible”. And like you, in about five or six times, I realized that yes, I am very much that word!

    I am going to get some coffee now so I’ll stop feeling orange, and I’ll be less likely to get my day off to a bad start, by saying something stupid and irritating to my wife – like asking her why she doesn’t wear fish on her lips more often

    LOL :-D.

    • Thanks! Trying to decide if I like it. It’s a premium theme and costs way too much. Seriously… on it’s $85. But if you buy it for your wordpress.ORG site, it’s $39. That rather pisses me off. Plus it apparently does not have all the same features as the .ORG version…. So, going to mess around with it and decide. I have 30 days to get a refund on it.

      • Aha, so you have 30 days to get a refund on premium themes? I didn’t know that. I might be more inclined to try one, in that case. I like this one a lot, btw. I think it’s one I almost went for a while back.

        (P.S. I only said “gullible” once. Probably too sleepy to try again. 🙂 )

        • Yup. Thirty days is what it said. I’ll probably keep it. I was just disappointed that it doesn’t have all the same features as the .org version – and costs over twice as much. I may throw a fit on that one…..

          You caught on much quicker than I did to gullible.

      • $85 does seem kinda steep, and I wonder why the wordpress.ORG version is not only less than half the price, but has more and better (?) or just different features?

        But like you said, at least you’ve got your 30 days to get a refund. I do like the changing photo header with your pics from the March – I think that’s cool.

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