LMAO! Vermont Man Upset Over MJ Arrest – Uses Tractor to Crush 7 Police Cars

Roger Pion, 34, from Newport, Vermont, decided one day that he wanted to play “Monster Jam Rally” except that he did not drive a monster truck. Pion stole a 10-1/2-foot-high, Case MX 255 dual wheel tractor and has eight wheels with four 6-foot tandem wheels on the back – and Pion used that tractor to crush seven VT Orleans County police cars. Can we say “anger management”?

Although the reason why is not completely clear, it appears that Pion was a bit upset over an arrest on July 3rd on charges of resisting arrest and possession of marijuana. Roger does have a criminal history although none of his crimes were violent.

Pion pulverized five marked cars and two unmarked cars, many of them were the new models only four months old. Estimated damage is between $250,000 to $300,000.

The Sheriff’s Department secretary saw the tractor go by before the rampage, but didn’t think anything about it. Chief Deputy Philip Brooks, Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, said, “I mean it is Vermont….”

News Coverage: Vermont man uses tractor to crush VT Orleans County Police Cars

Because of the sound-proofing of the Sheriff’s Department building, none of the officers or people inside heard the crushing going on right outside their door. Shocked spectators had to call 911 to let them know what was going on out in their parking lot.

The spectacle was witnessed by United Christian Academy senior Mark Quirion, 17, of Coventry, who works at the Mountain Farm View Stand across the road. He noticed the tractor but thought nothing of it, having seen the same piece of machinery travel the same road on prior occasions. When the tractor turned into the sheriff’s station, Mark said, “I saw him back it up some and then drive it up and over the top of one of the cars parked in the lot. It was then that I really knew something very unusual was going on at the sheriff’s station.”

You think???

After Pion was finished with his demo-derby, he decided to go for a “joy ride.” Since the fleet of cars were crushed, the officers were unable to chase him down. Pion was eventually arrested a mile and a half away in Newport by other officers.

Pion is facing a slew of charges including, destruction of police property, gross negligent operation — leaving the scene of an accident. He has been jailed for lack of posting a $15,000 bail, and is scheduled to be arraigned on Friday.

It takes all kinds….

Here is some footage showing the demolished cruisers:

Vermont farmer crushes 7 police cars with tractor over pot arrest


Here is a photo of the tractor used to smash the cars as well as Roger Pions mug shot. Below are some photos of the pulverized cruisers….

Case MX 255 dual wheel tractor used by Pion to crush the police cars


Roger Pion’s mug shot






And a little humor here (added on August 18, 2012)

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  1. Hilarious. But I’m having a lot of trouble understanding a building so soundproof that the occupants wouldn’t have heard this happening outside. Maybe after another cup of coffee …

    • I know – I thought the same, too. But if it is a jail as well, then those walls – all of them – will be very thick. Having been in the women’s prison for the dog program, I do recall the outer walls being very soundproof.

  2. No shopping for donuts for a while now…….

    Though I do think the speed camera will be seeing a lot of extra use in order to generate enough “revenue” to get the replacement vehicles.

  3. You expect this behavior from career criminals in the Northeast Kingdom, however the wealthy business owners in the NEK are bigger criminals because they are protected by their lies and deceiptful practices by the judges, cops and the system which they all hang out with for dinner and drinks! It is tough living in the NEK as a person of small means and exspecially if you are not born and bread in the NEK you are scre$^%!

  4. Okay, we are back in the 70s. At least the cops are safe and had a chuckle (check the one officer out looking over the flattened Crown Vic).

    Anyone want to sing along to the “Smoky and the Bandit” Theme by Jerry Reed?

    “Ol’ Smokey’s got them ears on and he’s hot on your trail.
    He aint gonna rest ’til you’re in jail.
    So you got to dodge ‘im and you got to duck ‘im,
    you got to keep that diesel truckin’.
    Just put that hammer down and give it hell.”

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