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Amanda Todd Tells Her Story of Being Bullied Then Commits Suicide | Video and Photos

A horribly tragic story about Amanda Todd who committed suicide after years of being bullied. What started the bullying? She simply flashed her breasts to a male “friend” in an online chat room. Well, this “friend” was a internet scavenger just looking for girls to use and abuse. After she refused to give him a “show,” he sent that image of her flashing to everyone. I mean EVERYONE! Somehow he had found out her name, address, school information, and anything else relevant to Amanda. After a couple of years of being bullied, plus her stalker resending the photo to her new friends each time she moved, Amanda couldn’t take it anymore and left us on Wednesday, October 10th, 2012.

I am not going to tell you the whole story, but instead let Amanda tell you. She uploaded this video on September 7th, and by using homemade flash cards, she tells you all about it.

Amanda was just shy of 16 years old when she took her own life. All this bullying occurred during her early teens – a very vulnerable time for any young girl who just wants to be liked and have friends. Amanda Todd’s body was found in her home, police in the Vancouver-area city of Coquitlam said.


My story: Struggling, bullying, suicide, self harm

On Thursday, the day after her death, a new Facebook page was created in remembrance of Amanda Todd. It is called, “Rest in Paradise” and includes photos from her past, and people speaking out about bullying. Please do not post anything hateful or inappropriate on this Facebook page.

Amanda Todd’s video has gone viral in just a few days. Currently the hits are at 1.5 million and climbing quickly. There are 14,148 “likes”… and 1,190 “dislikes.” I’m sure the numbers have changed rapidly just during the time it is taking me to write this post. I don’t get it, though…. How could anyone dislike this video? I was reading some of the comments posted on video and I am completely floored by the lack of any empathy by some people. Here are a couple examples:

Amanda was a fucking whore? that deserved to die. END OF STORY
chain5aw1 1 second ago

Where i can find the image of her boobies?
PS: It’s her fault for being retarded over the net,? ah ah.
boymatmat 43 seconds ago

This next comment, however, is a great one to close this out with primarily because of the first two sentences:

This is whats wrong with the world. This goes on everyday and no one wants to help the person being bullied because they want to be in the “cool” group. All those people sicken me and karma is going to come back. RIP Amanda Todd, I never knew you but I know you were a good person? and you did not deserve this.
ChuckieFinstir 39 seconds ago


A Plea to Anonymous.

I know you are quite capable of finding out who this punk is that did this to Amanda. It would be quite just if he were to get a taste of his own medicine. You are great at hacking private information from corrupt organizations. I’m sure this blackmailer has his own sort of corruption that needs to be exposed. Hopefully those close to her would get some type of closure in their lives to see this heathen squirm.

Also, there is a troll out there by the name of haart123 (his YouTube channel) who does nothing but post horrible comments on videos. His channel shows he’s been doing this for over a year now. He doesn’t know Amanda at all, but has posted several times that she deserved this. That pissed of a lot of people so they’ve gone to his channel and left comments directly for him. Haart123 is nothing but a hateful troll and using Amanda’s viral video as a way to seek attention – and sadly it’s working. People should NOT feed the trolls. So, Anonymous, if you so feel this troll could use some exposure, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of people who wouldn’t mind.



Well, Anonymous did it! They found the guy who extorted and blackmailed Amanda. His name is Kody Maxson. Here is my posting about him:

Anonymous Exposes Amanda Todd’s Extortionist | Name: Kody Maxson


Some very important phone numbers:

• 1 800 SUICIDE (1 800 784-2433)
• Youth in BC 1 866 661-3311 (toll free)
• Aboriginal Peoples Crisis Line 1 800 588-8717
• Native Youth Crisis Hotline: 1 877 209-1266


CNN: Bullied Canadian teen leaves behind chilling YouTube video
CodGamePlay YouTube: Amanda Todd’s Story: Struggling, Bullying, Suicide, Self Harm #RIPAmandaTodd

All images are from the new Facebook page for Amanda Todd, “Rest in Paradise” or are snapshots from her video.










    • I know. It is. I cannot believe the things kids say and do these days. I was the first kid to get glasses in 2nd grade so naturally they all made fun of me. And that stuck with me all the way through school until I left for college. Although my senior high days were pretty good because I just didn’t care about wanting to be “popular” anymore.

      Anyway, my fellow classmates just picked on me and called me “four eyes.” There was nothing to the extent that kids do this day and age.

      • There was a time when I feared my youngest son would turn out like the guy who did this because of the way he behaved online. Fortunately, that “phase” didn’t last very long. But I do wish I’d paid more attention to what he was doing and, more importantly, how he was doing it, because then maybe I’d have the skills to go after creeps like that myself…

  1. It’s so sad that one single incident should haunt this young girl to the point where she saw no other way out other than suicide. I hope she’s found the peace she couldn’t in life.

    • So tragic. With me being an atheist, though, it makes more so horribly sad because I don’t believe in any afterlife. So based upon my beliefs… she’s gone. But her memory lives on and hopefully something good will come out of this. Even if one kid thinks twice about bullying someone and turns and walks away because they thought of Amanda, then her death would not have been in vain. I have to wonder about her parents, though. Odd they kept moving and changing schools so they knew about it. And I’m not sure why, but I keep thinking that they’re either separated or divorced.

  2. where were the adults in all of this? Did the school officials not know what was going on in their school? DO parents not monitor their children’s computer usage or cell phones? I too, was bullied in high school. I was never the most popular kid nor the most attractive. I got pregnant at 15 along with about 15 other young girls. I was teased mercilessly…I was called slut, whore, dog…I only ever slept with one person, but even if I had tried to tell them that, they would not have believed it. Things got slightly better, I got older, made some new friends, then one day made the mistake of sticking my middle finger up at a known bully and she saw my reflection in the mirror and then proceeded to back my head in the the corner of a door. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the guy that I had a huge crush on came along and kind of teased me about liking him.

    Bullies have changed since I was in high school-they have gotten meaner and stronger and have more ways of bullying a person. We never had the internet in high school and I am glad for that now because I know that if we did have it, things would have been so much worse.

    I am terribly sorry that Amanda had to die for people to see this message. Bullying needs to be stopped no matter what before more people attempt suicide and succeed.

    • You really hit the nail on the head with one major difference is the kids these days have the internet and cell phones. I had a rotary dial phone…. Kids are meaner these days. Horribly so. Not sure why but some of it is because parents are now too soft on their kids. The days of “old school” are long gone. My father would threaten me with his belt, and I straightened right up and stopped my bullshit on the spot. Now if a father threatens that, they’ll have child protective services called on them.

      I wondered about her parents, too. She only mentions her dad finding her lying in the ditch. Apparently they knew since they moved around so much so she could go to a new school.

      And bullying laws really should happen if they haven’t already. People like Amanda are very sensitive and we see what it did to her. Me… I’m not that sensitive at all. Even at that age I wasn’t. Sure I wanted to be popular and liked, but I think most kids do. I actually figured out my Junior year in high school that a lot of the “popular” kids were a bunch of losers. Going to get married right out of high school, have babies and never go anywhere. Just stay in my small hometown in rural Indiana. And I was right. Oh many did go to college and have done very well for themselves. But the ones that really were horribly mean didn’t.

      I can’t believe that she lost friends over a photo of her boobs. What shallow people. If anything I would have thought at least her close friends would rally behind her and work together to find this asshole.

      • there really is too little information here…why were the cops at her door at 4am? Why did her dad allow her to keep moving around and changing schools? Why didn’t the police do anything? Could they do anything? If this creep did this to one girl, there is a strong possibility that he has done this before and will continue to do this.

        • I agree. I would like to know more, too, just to help fill in the gaps. But regardless, even if her parents didn’t care and she was more guilty of other activities than she let on about, no one – and I mean NO ONE should ever be bullied to that point. Being the butt of everyone’s joke on Facebook, then reading that some hope you will die. There’s no excuse for that.

        • Don’t know. But remember, all I found (but I haven’t looked very hard yet) was the video she made. She may have chose not to include them for whatever reason. I’m going to have to see what else I can find out about her. Regardless of her home life, though, there is NO excuse for that kind of bullying.

    • Adults aren’t in it anymore. I went to one of the largest public schools in Indiana. My best friend was raped 3x by our Health teacher and **** was never done about it. Do you honestly think staff cares anymore? So long as they get their money, they’ll sweep everything under the rug.

      Truth Is: Amanda did something very stupid, but she made a MISTAKE. She knew what she did was wrong, but she NEVER should have had to suffer anything else after that.

      These people tortured her into an abyss of spiraling depression.

      All we can do now is learn 1.) Never to post photos like hers onto Facebook and 2.) Never to harass/bully/insult people like this.

      Also, I understand that the girlfriend of the boy she slept with was pissed off, but she needs to be in authoritative hands now. She in High School, which is punishment age…

  3. It is a shame that this had to happen. Where were the school officials when this was all happening? Do parents not know what their children are doing? Do they even care or are they so wrapped up in their own lives that others fall by the wayside?

    I was bullied in high school. I was never pretty enough, smart enough, or athletic enough to fit in with any crowd. I wasn’t goth, or geekish. I was a loner and was happier spending time in the library with a good book or in the greenhouse with the plants….neither books nor plants judge who you are. With a book, I could escape to magical lands far away from my life.

    When I was 15, I along with several other girls in my high school, became pregnant. I never thought that it could happen to me. I was teased terribly, not only by my peers, but my brothers and sister as well. I was called slut, whore, cunt, dog, ugly, fugly…you get the idea. I thankfully never turned to drugs or alcohol, but I know many people who have. I chose to place my child for adoption which led to more questions and comments.

    The only time high school got better is when the guy that I was crushing on was in my gym class my junior year. At that point, school was tolerable, but only just.

    My life hasn’t been easy, but I made it through. As an adult, I have recieved apologies from two different people who bullied me in high school. It meant a lot to me to have those apologies.

    Life sometimes gets easier as you age, and sometimes it only gets ore difficult.

    I am terribly sorry that Amanda had to die for this message to really get out there. More needs to be done about bullying and cyber bullying. School officials need to step up their game so that no one else needs to go through what I did, Amanda did and what millions of other young people are going through at this very moment around the globe.

  4. We had a girl who was evidently molested and she thought that they way to be popular was to have sex with multiple partners. She was very smart, but it backfired on her. She and a football coach were caught having sex at lunch in his truck. Nothing happened to the coach (go figgure, his team was 14-0) but she was called names like “Lunch Meat” ,”Vajanice” etc..This also relates to the news about how clients of Prostitutes in Maine will be named..Hallelujah!.. This double standard of the “Scarlet Letter” for women and none for men should be OVER!!!

  5. I enjoy throwing a good ass-whooping to those who take advantage of or pick on other people. Everyone asks how that makes me any better, but i feel that it’s justified. If i were to find that little punk responsible for this, i would make him wish HE had taken HIS life.

  6. It breaks my heart to see the video, especially line “I have nobody, I need someone”.
    The hacking group Annonymous should expose her stalkers.

  7. Another tragedy.. As someone who was bullied mercilessly for many years when at school I can feel the pain Amanda must have felt.
    I have always said education is the key but what are we really teaching our children? Are we teaching them compassion, love, peace, about the value of each and every human being? Are we teaching them about self-respect, self-esteem , self-love, and the importance of the quality of relationships ?
    Or are we teaching them about anger, war, jealousy, hatred and discrimination? Are we teaching them that their value is in how they look not in how they are? that possessions are more important than people?
    There is much that is wrong with society and this tragedy is another indication of that in my opinion..

    • Whether directly or indirectly, those are some of the values they are learning. As you know, every baby is born innocent. It is what they are around and what they’re taught that makes them evil… or compassionate, and anywhere in between.

      I can’t say that I was bullied in school. Picked on, but really not bullied.

  8. I would like to say

    there are more people who die because of worse things than this. Suicide is stupid and posting this stuff on the internet because she wants to kill herself.

    If you take your life you don’t deserve it.

    Being bullied is normal being suicidal is normal taking your life is just stupid. Your actions your mistakes learn to live with it live with it.

    • Michelle just popped in to see what was up. Hoping there would be no trolls or hate on your site I can see I was wrong. Keep Us updated. Alabama still loves Amanda…

      • Hey. Of course there will be on a topic like this. I don’t feed the trolls, though. Someone said something much worse, very derogatory, and that comment was trashed. I will approve trolls to a certain point. But it’s my site and if I don’t want a comment on my site, I won’t approve it. Simple. Although this troll is very cold and cruel, their comment is nothing compared to the one I trashed.

    • To wHosNeXt: Spoken like a true psychopath and the cancerous growth that you really are, pretending to be a pathetic and disgusting excuse for a human being. You are the one that doesn’t deserve to live, and if I were to find out that something very bad happened to you, and that you were no longer wasting the oxygen that other far more worthy people deserve to breathe, I would celebrate your removal from the human race, and I’d cheer enthusiastically when you could no longer spew out toxic waste from your keyboard, like you have here.

      What on earth would you ever know about “normal” when your mind is so incredibly sick and twisted, and you have thoughts that rot out your brain like rotten and stinking meat being eaten away by hundreds of squirming and slimy maggots?

  9. As the parent of a pre-teen girl, I have been very, very torn up about this story. You just never know how fast your kid’s life can spiral out of control over one relatively small incident. I have not let her on Facebook, I have been very vigilant about her cell phone and email use, and I am regularly keeping an eye on her online activities in general. She is not happy about it, but the opportunity for a kid (even a smart one, even a good one, even one who knows better) to do something dumb on an impulse is just so great, and as this story illustrates, in this electronic age, that one dumb, impulsive move can define you and follow you and wreck you. I know I can’t be with her all the time, and if she’s gonna screw up then she’s gonna screw up, but when I see stories like this one it just terrifies me to realize that my kid is at the mercy of so many things over which I have no control. I hope every single day that she can make it through the minefield of adolescence without serious harm.

    • Sounds like you’re doing it right. The internet has really changed bullying. When I was in school, it was more picking on somebody than anything else. But now… You and I both know that flashing boobs is no big deal – for us (at least me, I could care less who would see that. Not much there anyway) But for a young girl, it is the most horrible thing to do.

      Anonymous came through! They found out who the extortionist was and posted all about him. I’m getting ready to post an updated story myself. This is awesome!

    • Amen Chris! Facebook is not a light hearted fun site to laugh with friends. I have read about people who have lost JOBS because of an innocuous comment. I wont ever be on FB again. You can make a joke about a political candidate and if someone you work for takes it wayyy to serious, you can lose your livelihood, house, etc. Even college admission comittees use FB posts as tool. Not fair but true.. I think your daughter will thank you later..

  10. I would LOVE to see the face of the scumbag that got a little 13 year old to flash her boobs. Talk about a sick individual. I hope the world gets to see who he is and what kind of a person would do that. I hope he gets arrested-he should.

  11. I am still cloudy on some details..How did the bullying start again when she changed schools? did she go back on FB?Did the slimy creep in question stalk her? Im not trying to sound sexist by any means, but did she have a decent and caring father.. There sounds like there is more to this..She did not deserve any of this, but could some of this been prevented? I know that “armchair QB’s” are a dime a dozen…..Any more updates?

    • We definitely have not heard the entire story. I have a feeling she’s not quite as innocent as she portrays herself in her video. But regardless… there is NO NEED for bullying. None. Nada. I do believe she was bullied to the point of suicide. The cutting and some other things show massive depression which would come from the bullying. And she eventually had just too much. Thanks to our “friend” Kody.

      • I’ve been in hibernation so just saw this series of stories. As one who has dealt with bullying, harassment, rape, etc… what happened to her has no excuse. It doesn’t matter if she flashed herself once, twice… it doesn’t matter how “innocent” she may or may not have been. No one deserves the type of stalking and harassment she received… for any reason. Period. End of discussion.

        Please forgive my terse tone, but I have no tolerance for “victim blaming” of any kind, at any level. I still love you, though. ❤ Always will. 🙂

  12. Ok look every body makes mistakes. This one went a little to far only If she would of came to my school and people would have liked her not bcause of what she had don just because we like to give people a chance I wished I would have noned her because she might of had second thoughts and this is to her parents you guys had a beautiful dauter I bet she had a good personally I only you the parents would have done somthing bigger like call cops or report the people on face book that’s all I have to say R.I.P Amanda Todd just from the photos above you look very lovely and nice ….. Sorry for the loss to the parents

  13. How incredibly and terribly sad… and also senselessly cruel. If people like the piece of filth that spread this girl’s picture, and these psychopathic kids without a conscience or any sense compassion who drove her to suicide, are what the human race is devolving down into, the future of humanity looks very dark and grim, and I’m glad that I’m not young – because if that’s what our future is, I never want to see it…

  14. Why is this guy not in jail for being a pedophile??? Never mind smearing his name in the mud, he needs his a** fried in the chair.

  15. How could anyone bully someone in need of help like that, and then say see deserved to die. If i met the people who did these things to her i would do the same to them and see how they liked it. I’m sorry u had to go out like that Amanda. R.I.P

  16. Some of the comments here prompt me to say that there are individuals in this world who are very shy and sensitive, and something like this could might well drive them into despair, depression, and perhaps suicide. There are also individuals who are so introverted that it would not occur to them to discuss such humiliation with anyone else, simply because they never share their deepest feelings with others, and because they are afraid of being ridiculed or embarrassed if they do.

    • Just wait until you get to my next posting about Anonymous exposing the extortionist. It has blown up sky high.

  17. I wish so much that I could have shown Amanda that in three or four years EVERYTHING would change. She could go to a college where no one gives a crap about popularity..And then she could see as time went by that her torturers and detractors had all become ass-kissers with a dead end job. Amanda could have offered a lot to this world ,I can tell by her videos.

  18. what blows my mind and ppl seem to forget she was only 14 when she showed herself…..she was a baby, i hope the psyco who continued toharass her ends up in prison or tormented themselves… people are so ignorant

  19. I don’t understand why people can’t give the poor girl a chance to start a new life after she made a small mistake. There is something really wrong of our society. Where is the morality. Why can’t those people realize that in fact they are the losers for bully victims? Where were the adults in those moment? I cried after reading Amanda Todd’s story. Wish the karma can turn back to the people, and no more news like this in the future.

  20. This whole story is just tragic. This poor kid (and she was just a child) was criminally hounded; and then let down by her peers at every turn. Trying to find your place in the world is hard enough without modern technology being used to harass you relentlessly. Even the most perfect person makes mistakes, and I am relieved that any social faux pas I may have made in my youth were not recorded for digital posterity and thrown back at me with the sadistic relish that this poor girl’s were. This child was tricked, blamed and vilified by the paedophilic actions of a 32 year old adult stalker. This creature is lower than pond scum and should be tried for manslaughter.

    If this wasn’t bad enough, Amanda was also literally beaten down in the physical world too – by the ‘girlfriend’ of a disloyal man-brat (who tricked a very lonely Amanda into thinking he cared for her). He was the one at fault, the one who was disloyal, but the isolated younger girl was the one ‘punished’. Despite the attack taking place in front of Amanda’s new school, before 50 witnesses, no-one helped her (they videoed the attack instead – more technological torture to mock Amanda with later), and the older girl who had purposely travelled there to assault her was never called to account. I cannot imagine how this kid must have felt. No-one should ever be made to feel that suicide is their only way out, especially not a 15-year-old girl.

    What the hell has gone wrong with our society when our children are sexualised by almost every form of mainstream media, and then perversely ‘slut-shamed’ with an almost puritanical fervour? That peer pressure makes young girls savage other girls for failing some invisible moral benchmark that quite often popular boys make up at will? Modern culture rams messages down the throats of young girls telling them they only have value if they are ‘sexy’ – then it castigates them for believing those messages.

    Every single person who shunned Amanda or sent hurtful and cowardly messages should be forced to watch the video she made on youtube shortly before her death. I don’t know how they sleep at night.

  21. She did it on blog tv… A public chat room anyone can pop in… And she put on a full show not just flashed… And fucked a guy in a relationship… Made this video and killed herself… She was the worse pornstar ever >.>

  22. in the same respect why is she just getting the attention plenty of kids get bullied way worse and she flashed more than ones on top of that she slept with a guy she KNEW had a girlfriend no she didnt deserve to die no one does but why is her case so special when there are plenty of other kids out there who commit suicide for more reasons than tht why is this one the one being viralized because she posted pictures and flashed ppl and slept with ppl and thats why shes bullied because shes pretty what about the ppl that arent so pretty that commit suicide who are severly depressed and beaten daily and other things why dont they get justice? im not saying what happened was right because it was wrong on her part and the people but the other suicide bully victims need the attention too…..

    • It doesn’t matter what she did. She could have slept with the whole basketball team and the cheerleaders for all I care. For one, no one ever deserves to be bullied. End of story. And second, no one deserves to be blackmailed either.

      As far as Amanda getting “all the attention” – and you are not the first to comment. It’s all over the web. It is like anything else in life, luck. For example, two people who don’t know each other, in fact one on the east coast one on the west coast. They both upload similar videos on youtube, like skateboard crashes. They’re equally as funny as well as “cool, look what that dude did.” Someone who has a large social media group (a ton of online virtual friends) saw the east coast video and posted it on Facebook and Twitter. Then their friends and friends of friends and so on watch the video and repost it. It is an exponential growth. Suddenly a million hits overnight. Then a local news station picks up on the video and does a story on it. Then a popular skateboard company saw that news coverage and decided to hire east coast to do some moves and promos of their boards. Suddenly east coast became viral overnight, and west coast can count his hits with his fingers and toes. And who knows… perhaps west coast is the strong skateboarder and would have been a better hire than east coast.

      It would be literally impossible for every suicide, every incident of bullying to be covered and exposed in the media. Plus no one wants to hear about every single incident. That is all you’d do from sun up to sun down – and then some.

      It is unfortunate the many people who should be remembered by the public aren’t. And those who some think as non-deserving are. In actuality, though, each and every one is deserving of being remembered, and supported if still alive. Once someone dies, they’re not coming back. And death doesn’t care what that person did before they took over the body. It is a very very rare individual who is not guilty of something stupid in their life. Amanda’s just happened to be over the internet, which made it easy to spread the news.

      It is horrible that she committed suicide. But perhaps her viral story will bring some good. Help pass an anti-bullying law faster. Who knows. But death never judges and so shouldn’t everyone else.

    • Why does she get all the blame for the guy who CHEATED on his girlfriend. He was older and in a relationship, yet she is the one who is pilloried for it.

  23. I couldn’t help but shed a few tears when I heard this story. Then I felt rage when I saw all the vile and cruel comments posted by people who obviously have psychological problems. I was raped by a classmate in medical school a little over a year ago, so I know how cruel and sadistic people can be. Not just kids, but full grown adults and not just men, but women too. Even now in this day and age, women are judged by who was in their vagina and who got to see them naked. No one would have cared if it was a boy who took naked pictures of himself and posted them on-line.

    People have called Amanda “stupid” and that she was “too sensitive.” Even as someone who has pretty thick skin I can tell you that having to listen to people call you a slut and that you deserved what you got is not easy to hear. I couldn’t imagine having to deal with it at such a young age. When I hear these types of stories I lose my faith in mankind. Maybe some people really are just evil.

    I don’t know if Anonymous found the right piece of shit that did this. If they did, that fucker better not leave his house. I said my peace and even though I am not religious I will say a prayer for her friends and family. If this has taught us anything, it’s that we should work harder at being a little kinder to one another.

    • Thank you for sharing such a vile act forced upon you. Sadly, I actually know several women who were either raped or molested as a child. It’s been rather shocking to me as to the number of women that have. I mean, a lot! Well over half of the women I am closest to have been through this experience. Even my boss, who is an older, prim and proper English woman. She was gang raped at the young age of 18. And still to this day, 40 years later, she still jumps and has a difficult time when her husband of 30+ years simple touches her rear. We were on a business trip when she let me know this news, and it just floored me. LOL.. first were the circumstances. She and her boyfriend were running away on his motorcycle – which makes me giggle trying to picture this in my mind based upon the prim and proper woman I know now. (The bike broke down and a gang of men picked them up to give them a ride, and raped both of them.) And secondly how much this has affected her, even 40 years later. I have been fortunate in life and can only empathize. But all women – and men as I do know some men where were molested, too, as a child – live with this every day for the rest of their life.

  24. Dr. Kit…I hope that piece of excrement that raped you not only got expelled ,but is on the recieving end at at state penile farm. he has NO business being a physician.

  25. I find it funny how she was a whore you people should do more research before respecting a girl that kill herself over showing off her tits

    • Listen “Tony Montana”, if that’s your real name. I have a good idea with what you can do with that comment – get all your friends and family together at a party, bring up this video and show it to everyone, and when there all feeling unhappy, and asking why you showed them this, scroll down the page and say “Hey guys, look, these are my thoughts on the fact that a girl was forced to kill herself, do you like it?” Then reap in the reward of having your own mother hate you.

  26. no se vale que a ella le hagan todo eso ……………… lo que necesitaba era apoyo no que le hicieran mas daño ni que jugaran con ella!!!!!!!! por que los que se hacían llamar SUS AMIGOS
    fueron los que le hicieron mas daño………….. son unos IDIOTAS, HIPOCRITAS todos los que ahora despues de su muerte se sienten mal AMANDA TOOD una chava que se ve muy buena, hermosa, carismatica, linda, ah muerto espeto que en donde este no viva lo mismo que vivio en vida……
    AMANDA te mereces todo lo mejor del mundo de verdad

  27. I am incredibly proud of your series of stories on Amanda Todd. Very proud. Thank you for this original post and all following this one.

    • Thank you! Sounds like Anon my have pointed the wrong person. But if so, that guy is still guilty of blackmail and messing with underage girls online.

  28. what is wrong with you people? you guys are just seriously fucked up in the head! she made one mistake and then was blackmailed by people to make more. life isnt a joke.

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