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Anonymous Exposes Amanda Todd’s Extortionist | kody1206

UPDATE – Anonymous may have the wrong creep: Wed. October 17, 2012. Click HERE.

Amanda Todd’s alleged extortionist has been exposed by Anonymous! They posted information about the alleged extortionist in a pastebin file. Below is a copy of their file and another image they provided.

If you prefer, here is the link to a pdf copy I uploaded which pulls up as fast as a blink of your eye.


The following image is from the Anonymous Facebook page and is a link they gave in their dump. I have now located a much larger version so click on the image to view in full, readable size.



        • Thats what I thought. Well hey, the least we can do is drag his name through the mud. Honestly, I am almost tempted to go down there…just to see if other people have to. Some situations an eye for an eye feel just.

        • Geoff: Even if he spreaded kiddie porn or he bombed the shit out of Bagdad, vengeance doesn’t equate justice. I agree with the hacking to get his information, what I don’t agree with is what will be done to him after this.

        • i agree with jimmyl this girl should have known better and to ask one of the numerous people that cared about her for help instead of uploading a viral video to the interwebs …this ish is nonsense all the bleeding heart stuff going on….you people should be expressing your remorse on the link about the poor 10 yr old girl that had no choice in her life being taken. I hope amanda went across the tracks and not down the road… hopefully she googled it first…im sick of hearing about how sad it was. like there was no other option. You know what a girl in Pakistan gets gangraped by 8 guys. A girl gets shot by the Taliban for going to school. Amanda Todd’s problems seem trivial compared to that. I would almost say hey of one of those girls committed suicide, I get it. But you know what no they dont … its a weakness of these danged kids western society is churning out. I mean the facebook, jersey shore, teen mom, both parents working to pay a lil on their mountain of debt, failed public education system and crumbled morals of a generation. Geeesh and i thought us GenX’rs had it rough. Her choice her parents problem, get over it people. Seems harsh., but i can tell you this. Putting people in prison is not the answer it will net a few but not all by a dam*ed sight. It has always been , is now, and always will be. Some laws COngress pass will not fix the problem and neither will sueing the schools or bullies parents. Youll end up taking care of these people in raised taxes. But go ahead the economies crappy, prison building creates jobs all we need now is more laws to fill em…..

        • Are you honestly stupid? If this was your sister or your child you would have a different opinion. He deserves everything that comes to him. Justice isn’t always settled in a courtroom, and he doesn’t deserve anything “just” coming to him. Grow up, you try to act like you’re more sophisticated and educated then people that want justice but really, you have never understood the feeling you have when you lose someone you love. Educate yourselves before you speak of matters that you have no idea about.

        • Hey FYI ‘I agree with Jimmy’

          You’re a fucking goof scumbag punk whose teeth should be knocked the fuck out. People like you – cowards, scumbags – disgust me.

          You fucking piece of shit, go away.

        • John Q Public, why so angry and wrathful? He has a valid point that deserves more than the tepid ad hominem that you mustered-up. If you yourself have been hurt in a similar fashion be warned that anger robs one of clarity on issues. Don’t end-up harming someone and later discovering that they were completely innocent, you may have trouble forgiving yourself. Trying, convicting and disciplining the perpetrator requires the utmost care and tenacity. Innocent people have been convicted and have lost everything due to avoidable mistakes.

      • Let the justice system work. All those people posting pictures of Clorex and Bleach should be tried in court for premeditated murder, from Wikipedia:

        “Premeditated murder is the crime of wrongfully causing the death of another human being (also known as murder) after rationally considering the timing or method of doing so, in order to either increase the likelihood of success, or to evade detection or apprehension”

        Posting those pictures of Bleach anonymously on the Internet fulfills the last clause of this definition. These individuals knowingly, and willfully, using rational thought, encouraged a girl to take her life using anonymous Internet media rather than encouraging her not to or even saying nothing at all. They should be tried for premeditated murder in a court of justice before a jury, each and every one of them.

        Then when all of these people are convicted, haul them up to the Arctic circle and put them to work for a few years.

      • Let the justice system work. Don’t bully him or we’re no better and deserve to repeat the same tragedies over and over again. If he deserves to die as deemed by our justice system, then make it quiet and quick. It is a higher goal than vengeance to rid humanity of people who spurn correction, and as such revenge and drama need not enter into it.

        Who are these people who posted pictures of bleach and ditches?
        I want their names.

        • Oh, I hope the police do take care of matters now. Hopefully the Canadian police force is better than the police here in the states. And the courts, too. As far as who posted pix of bleach and clorox? I have no idea.

    • The same youtube user that posted the video claiming they named the perpetrator also uploaded a video from “Anonymous” saying the existence of Amanda Todd was a hoax by the media. Which I can only concluded means that a bully is misdirecting people to someone unrelated to the case (whether that person is a criminal or not).

    • That is some screwed up values your sitting on there , so just because there is people out there suffering more her pain wasnt real ? Just because you lost both legs doesnt take away the pain in a broken leg . Get your values straightend

    • Hey, Rumpydog. That last comment was a reply to some comments further up the page. There wasn’t a “reply” available since they’d already gone through the “level” I have set for the comments, so this Anon just hit one of the next replies, and that was yours. Just wanted you to know that wasn’t directed to you.

    • It’s Anonymous. Look at the Pastebin dump. Signed #NJAnon And someone told me to go check out their FB page. It’s NJ Anonymous.

      4chan /b/ is a site, not a person. Did the site become self-aware? How can a site find Kody? Someone may have dropped the info there, but I don’t see how a site can do this.

      • You’ve not an idea about how this works then. Sam is breaking rules 1&2. Everyone has also been horribly misinformed about Amanda Todd. Amanda Todd did not flash once. She flashed her tits and got off for guys multiple times. She even flashed with a friend of hers. Please, do some research before raving about what an innocent little angel she was. She was plenty old enough to know better.

        • Curious, what are “rules 1&2”? I have never thought she was completely innocent. There are too many gaps in the story she gave and looks like she’s been hanging around sites that are not for the innocent. However, even if she did do all that you say, that still does not give Kody the right to black mail her, or even just put her shit out there. Not that I think I’ve done much different, but sometimes people need to get in someone else’;s shoes to see how it feels.

        • Annie Johnson you’re a useless piece of human filth. YOU’RE BLAMING THE VICTIM. Whatever things Amanda did DID NOT JUSTIFY being harassed, bullied, victimized and humiliated. “Knowing better” somehow makes it OKAY for bullies and predators to prey upon a victim? Are you serious? Did you have some kind of empathectomy?

        • You are an idiotic creature, not even a human being. You know how many people pleasure themselves, have orgies and etc on webcams?! You know how many people take pictures of their intimate body parts on smartphones and webcams?A big number of people. Almost everyone.
          We are talking here about a real crime, media crime. Nobody should go thru something she had to go.
          So be respectful, stfu and go along with your life and hope that sh*t like this won’t happened to you, you never know where your life journey will take you.

        • Good one. Blame the victim. It does not matter WHAT she did. She did not deserve to be humiliated, tortured and exploited. Shame on you,.

        • Annie, I guess u were never a teenager that made mistakes ( oh wait maybe u are a teenager by the comment) Being on earth for 15 years doesnt make her old enought to know better, she is still a child. She paid for her so called “mistake” with her life…. karma Annie is a bitch!

      • Michelle, two things here for closure as your blog moves on. Sam is saying “4chan /b/” the same way we are saying “Anonymous”. Meaning, as a collective, but only for those who participate in the haxor-related stuff. /b/ contains many individuals who don’t participate in this sort of thing, but there are those who do. So, saying 4chan /b/ means Anonymous (it’s history), but not as specifically as saying Anonymous, or Antisec, or even Julian A, et al.

        Rules 1 and 2: please go here and read the jpg (click to see it in a way we can (I’m 54 here lol) after the header Spread. This will reveal all lol. ^v^

        • Actually I had forgotten all about the Chan site. LOL, I checked it out… for about 5 minutes… then decided I could care less about it.

          I have heard about the rules of the internet, but I am not a big social media person. I rarely ever post about people in a negative way, other than my opinions of politicians. There, oh yeah. I’m a diehard Democrat and do not like the Republican Party, and I’m not afraid to admit it.

          If I ever see a troll, I don’t give them the time of day. Especially on my youtube videos. Most of the time I don’t even read the comments anymore.

          Obviously I am not a great reporter, I’ll stay with my opinions, photography and dogs. Those are the top 3 items here. I feel confident that Maxson is guilty of “stuff.” Exactly what, not sure and will leave that to the police. But with a possibility that he isn’t the extortionist, I will not be a lynch mob and keep stating he is. Ugh, eating my own words is hard, but it needed to be done.

    • If you’re referring to my dox above, I’m neither Anonymous nor from 4chan..Anonymous was the name given me as I’m not a registered user here, that’s all, I want folks to see this info. Has it been put up on /b/? I was about to but figured I’d get a perma-ban (personal info, etc)…

      • I know this site gives everyone a name “Anonymous” if they don’t give their real name, or an online name, or whatever. Someone directed me to the Anonymous facebook page and that is where I found the link to the pastebin which was uploaded by #anonnj

        • Michelle, I followed tweets from AntiSec/LulzSec hash #YourAnonNews (Sunday evening) to here. Saw your trnjM (FB) jpg above, then just magnified and detailed. OK, for what it’s worth: just because the dox is signed #anonnj doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the Anonymous collective (but it might). What “Sam” is saying is that Anonymous have not officially claimed responsibility for this (they haven’t at this point at least); but this may have been doxed on 4chan’s /b/ by someone first. I don’t know (/b/ moves very quickly). I thought about posting it myself but don’t need to be banned there. I am a mod at another chan though! ^v^

        • I see what you’re saying. And I have no way of determining who really found the info. There is Anonymous and there are Anonymous-wannabe’s. LOL, I just saw a video created by a wannabe and they gave a URL to their pastebin dump and it is a very short version of the dump I reference.

          Whoever wants to take claim, go for it. I’m not getting in the middle of all that. I can only post what I know and that is how I found this info.

          Until “Sam” commented, I have never heard of 4chan before. Don’t know much about that site but have determined it is an online community.

  1. If that fucker is 30 years old and blackmailing a 15 year old with her nude photos he needs to go to prison for child porn

  2. There are millions of situations worse than this. Yes its very sad but if she wasnt pretty and didn’t make a YouTube video no one would care. So any young boys and girls go through hell a hundred times worse through no fault of their own and are simply forgotten.No one deserves this fate, but when there are so many more problems out there i think we need to prioritize over finding someones name and doing to them what they did to her.Disgusting and childish the lot of you. Including this author.

    • It’s people like you that would have us protect the hunter of children and forget what they have done. GET STUFFED!! You are no better than they are!! Sure there are other situations that call for attention, but why would you see this monster go free? Personal friend of yours? Or are you affraid they will findout about you next?

      • Yeah we go way back you dumb fuck. Im not even gonna waste my time on this, my faith in humanity has disappeared, no one who has a part in any of this deserves to right to be called human. Fucking morons.

        • I think what’s happening is that a crime was committed, and people want to see a criminal go to jail.

          Corner stores are robbed all the time. But they’re just corner stores, and hey, banks are robbed too. So we should prioritize that and just forget about the criminals who robbed Jimmy’s Corner Store.

          That just doesn’t sound right to me, but hey, you’re definitely allowed to have an opinion. 🙂

  3. I do believe in justice, but trying to give him a dose of his own medicine requires one to stoop to his level…to actually bully, when that is what cost this precious girl her life…if he is indeed 30, then he needs to be prosecuted for child pornography.

    • Nothing will happen to this piece of shit through the justice system, nothing !!
      Go get the fat fucker and fuck him…….That IS justice ! This man is not a sweet innocent person.

  4. You just killed a man………are you God? Is it your right? What evidence do you have? I see none.. This is foolish and crude, you are not a jury, a detective, or any form of authority, so why should you decide this is justice.

  5. Hopefully the information is accurate and the responsible parties are dealt with. Sounds like a case for RL Dexter to sort out…

  6. I have to say that I am delighted that Anonymous outed this filthy and perverted 30 year old predator of adolescent girls, and I hope that as a result things far worse than his worst nightmares come true and become his terrifying and horrible reality.

  7. I agree that he needs to be outed as a pedophile to the proper people.While I am biting my fingers in order that I do not feed the vermin trolls, I am with Mr. Chris Sheridan in my feelings(You say it so well) Thank You Anon for all this info. Oh yes we do have a certain Justice here in the South… Keep us updated Ms. M. I don’t fb so this is my only source of info. Thank You

  8. Interesting he is an infrastructure engineer for facebook given their adamant refusal to confront the rampant paedophilia and child porn there

  9. Actually, she was 12 or 13 when the photo of her breasts was taken. I’ve got cousins at age of 16 and I still consider THEM as children. This is wrong on so many levels. As if the internet isn’t made of porn 60% or more, but people have to resort to extortion of minors??

    Death sentence, I says! There is NO room for scum like that in this world!

  10. I just went to visit some of the links. The stuff that is spewed scares me. I cannot get my head around all of this Ugly! DO NOT mock the dead,that I can get! Anon: Thank You again. You can be my knight along with all my southern friends. This Shit has no place in my world. So glad I chose not to have little ones, look like I made a good personal choice…Sending Sunshine to Amanda Todd.

    • .
      Michelle is right

      As you can see from the enlarged .jpg below, a lot of this information was taken right out of Google’s cache.

      Even if this clown is now desperately trying to erase his internet activities, there they are FOREVER.

      And the facts obviously speak for themselves.

  11. “I am having a difficult time reading it”

    Here’s a better image from online image sharer

    Click on this image to toggle from normal to enlarged size it and then you can scroll around the image and read it clearly.

    Capture any or all of the enlarged parts and share here if you wish.

    You can also save the enlarged image by right clicking on it and – “Save Target As…” (Control-click on a Mac and “Save Image As …”)

    The larger .jpg above can be easily read.

    The link circled on the right of the image says:

    ‘Jailbait Gallery – All the images uploaded by kody1206, duh! : P
    The best jailbait and teen photo gallery on the net. Thousands of free jailbait photos! Browse jailbait pictures, rate pictures, and save hot jailbait on …’

    Reading some of that crap in the image made me sick.

    According to anonymous, Kody Maxson is an infrastructure engineer at Facebook.

    He actually works there?

    • LOL… yeah, the system changed your emot text to the emot itself. I changed it back (put a space between the eyes and smile). Some people don’t like the emots.

      Thanks for the enlarged image! now I can see what is one there. I didn’t see he worked for FB, but I may have overlooked that. I’m a bit shocked that this post became as popular as it is…. I wasn’t expecting this.

  12. BTW, I didn’t put in that little smiley.

    It must have been automatically placed there by your system.

  13. Hopefully Anonymous got the right dude. Hopefully the police show up at his door. Hopefully dropped dox are admissible in court, and can’t be used for a mistrial. Hopefully the rational part of the internet shows up on his virtual door, too. But I am queasy about wishing the Internet Hate Machine portion on anyone. They weren’t the causative agent in Amanda’s case, but surely they have been.

  14. when i read what happend to her i shed a tear and was so so sad, some fk stick low life peedo posting about the poor girl needs to realise what he has done, an eye for a eye and toothe for a toothe fuck justice he needs to know what real pain is like she did, Great Great work Anonymous

  15. Really? Some dumb blonde bimbo kills herself and everyone has to grow a vagina over it? It’s her own fault for flashing her tits and sleeping around and people give her all the sympathy in the world for being a retard.

  16. Michelle, go to; search the listing in front of you, find Random (that’s /b/ where, sometimes lol, lots of stuff happens). This is the second major chan in existence, It’s creator, Chris Poole (known as “moot”), spent some time at Japan’s 2chan, and wanted to create something equivalent/English, THIS was what happened. There are a lot of chans right now; I should know as I’m responsible for a new Overchan about to, hopefully, be up. My listing at this point = 608 sites.

  17. To those of you who thank us for our actions, know that there are those amongst us who sympathize with Amanda’s plight. Many of us undoubtedly came from similar backgrounds.

    Know also then, that we do not forgive. We do not forget.

    We Are Anonymous. We are the Internet’s hive mind. We are primal, righteous indignation incarnate. We are the angry mother bear who just watched a punk-ass tourist pop their cub with a .22.

    If you intend harm on those who cannot defend themselves, EXPECT US.

    • lol, you realize that video by fake “Anonymous” impostors was most likely uploaded by one of the teen bullies of Amanda Todd? Definitely not a real hacker of Anonymous.

  18. Sad what happened to Todd.
    However, the evidence as posted here and elsewhere doesn’t prove much at all.
    It’s very, very amateurish at best. One should be careful before joining the lynch mob bandwagon.
    Leave this to the professionals.

    • In many cases, Anonymous are the professionals–much, much more than any of our police. It’s likely that Anonymous–who are computer and software experts in their fields–have found the right person. Say what you like about their politics or their methods, but they do have a sense of integrity and they are the leaders in computing and internet technology. It’s my opinion that they probably have the correct person identified. Regardless of who it is, though, I hope he is brought to justice swiftly and permanently.

      • It was Anonymous who posted the video marking Kody. It was likely a kid bully taking the heat off of themself. The video was not uploaded through a channel of Anonymous. As well, the same youtube account posted a video earlier saying “Amanda Todd never existed or died. She was a hoax created by the media”. No way any intelligent hacker of Anonymous would post that.

    • Anonymous are the professionals; in many cases, they are at the top of their fields. Say what you will about the methods and politics of Anonymous, but they have values and they are experts. I would trust their judgment in this case, but obviously, some time is required. Regardless of who it was, though, I hope the police catch the devil.

        • Not a problem. Thanks for commenting. It’s been interesting… I just cannot imagine anyone deserving what he did to Amanda, and rather shocked that some people feel “she got what she deserved.”

    • Michelle, thanks for leaving my dox post up for the while you did. I only used the info detailed/magnified at the bottom of the jpg you posted of the FB page. If this guy registered at FB with a false address/location, I would call that malicious if people occupy this/these addresses other than himself. I do, however, believe, the message got across at this point. ^v^

      • Thanks for referencing it. I couldn’t read the original one worth crap. LOL, then later yesterday I found a site that had a monster sized copy so put that online. And it’s not all pixelated, so very nice work someone did.

        A lot of people don’t give their true address and info. Especially when it all came out that FB sells off the user’s info (or something like that). I was involved with our local Occupy movement last fall, until it collapsed due to not being able to get along, anyway, a lot of people involved with the Occupy had “fake” FB accounts. Or only partially true accounts. Can’t say that I don’t blame them. But I have not a damn thing to hide and I’m too old to care if the stupid shit I did when I was young comes out. In fact, if something did, I’d appreciate the memory because I probably will have forgotten what it was that I did.

  19. If he is smart he will start loosening up by stuffing a potato up his anus, so it doesn’t hurt as much when bubba gets him

  20. Like Sam said above, this wasn’t anonymous. This was indeed posted on 4chan by an individual from Northern Ireland last Friday.

  21. Sometimes I wish human experimentation would be allowed so that he could serve for something in the society and pay a bit for what he did to this person and their dear beings. Garbage like that shouldn’t be considered as human beings anymore. No compassion for this son a of bitch should be given, and same goes for the rest of the offenders.

    Yes, I realize the media and the internet has given a lot of attention to Amanda Todd and that she did the wrong thing at showing her photos to this worthless piece of shit, but isn’t her fault or her closed beings’ . As I’d say, I hope justice would exist for every innocent people.

  22. You are correct. Found the info on /b/ 4chan last Saturday. 4chan /b/ does not archive and is by majority anonymous therefore it is hit or miss to pull it up again unless it is copied and re-posted.

  23. Sick of the ppl blaming Amanda for her own death! She was young curious and thought she found someone she could have fun with, yeah big mistake. We all were young curious and looking for love at one point in our lives, being young curious with no knowledge doesnt deserve what she is getting on the net and certainly doesnt deserve to be put to rest cause of the actions of this sick guy preying on young children! How dare ppl say it was her fault, what she did was wrong yes, all young children do dumb things and even the ones that are taught not to do what she did online still go ahead and do it. This sick guy needs his d*** to be chopped off locked up for a while with a beast named bubba then released to the public so we as a ppl can give what he gave! I hope he lives a miserable life for years!!!! Right now alot of ppl wants him dead, I say death would be too good what he needs is a life time of emotional torture with physical torture here and there.

  24. Are you people sure Anonymous exposed the perpetrator? If you click on the user name of the Anonymous video the same user uploaded another “anonymous” video two days before saying Amanda Todd DIDN’T EXIST and that it was a hoax by the media! Do you believe now that it was anonymous? Actually the YouTube user is probably one of the bullies at the same highschool trying to redirect the attention off of them. A lot of gullible people are being tricked.

  25. someone asked yahoo answers: kody1206 Amanda Todds stalker?…..and someone responded that there is another person who spread the pictures….

    this is their answer: : The bully who kept sending pictures of her boobs is named Corey Hartstone….
    So there were many of them, bullies ??

  26. Shouldn’t those sites be shut down? Especially the one circled? The name itself should have it shut down..hope they crash those sites he registered on

  27. Ok, not just the “cyber bully”, but the victim herself committed a crime of her own, and just because she didnt know any better or because she was 12 years old, and committed suicide over the bully. And you all just ignore her crimes as an underage to do jailbait and be in a site that was barely on her own age range, and go bash on the bully for causing it? All of you are scum, in my opinion, both should receive justice, (assuming that her getting off and doing it with another guy being on purpose being the full truth). I dont know about her, but i’ve met people online that are about her age, and now better than to do such things, my guess is she did it on what is called “pressure” from her friends and the people online. If all that wasnt true and what she said was the truth, well yeah, someone doesnt deserve such a thing, but something DID bother me, what OF that friend that she claimed to have been on the chat? she DID say she was with her friends getting on that site to chat with strangers, so i take it that her friends did the same, why werent they targeted as well? and why havent they spoke up about it at some point? (probable bullcrap questions, but cant seem to stop thinking about it like a retard)

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