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Has Amanada Todd’s Online Extortionist Turned Himself In?

UPDATE: Wed. October 17, 2012. Click HERE.

Yesterday I posted “Anonymous Exposes Amanda Todd’s Extortionist | kody1206” which gives the main details about the alleged man who blackmailed Amanda. When Amanda would not meet his request, he posted an image of her exposing her breasts to the students at her school and anywhere else he could think of. This is what initiated Amanda Todd’s bullying. I ended my post “Amanda Todd Tells Her Story of Being Bullied Then Commits Suicide | Video and Photos” with a plea to Anonymous to find out who this man is the black-mailed Amanda….. And they answered.

It has been a whirlwind these past 36 hours. I was not expecting this amount of traffic and range of comments. A lot of emotions have been stirred up. Most people agree with the exposure of Kody Maxson, and a few cold-hearted people feel that Amanda got what she deserved. Additionally, a couple of other high traffic sites picked up the story, too. They are Vice and The Examiner. I occasionally questioned myself about exposing his name directly, then I just remind myself that he is a pedophile – the most vile person on the face of this planet. Even if he is not the one associated with Amanda Todd, he loves underage girls. Yesterday, kody1206 (his online name) scrubbed all the images he had uploaded to website. But ultimately what resulted from my plea to Anonymous is a man by the name of Dakota Maxson has turned himself in to the local police. I cannot confirm the validity of this image. Although it looks as though it may be valid. Just read on….

In turning himself in, this is not an admission of guilt. He may have done so for protection from vigilantes. But it’s not looking good for Kody. Here is the tweet from Anonymous New Jersey, who are the ones that found Kody and uploaded the his DOx to Pastebin. I’m pretty sure NJAnon are the ones that left a comment for me to find that Pastebin file. I checked the IP address and it’s from Denmark, which I would think that Anonymous would be jumping IP’s otherwise they would constantly be arrested. At this time, I do want to state that I do not know the infrastructure of the Anonymous group. Whether this is an actual offshoot from Anonymous or another person who is calling themselves NJAnon, I cannot confirm. That doesn’t matter. NJ Anonymous found the guy and they deserve the credit for exposing yet another pedophile. Nice job!

CTV News out of Canada also posted online about this man turning himself in. CTV would not provide his name and explained that:

“Though Anonymous has revealed the man’s name and an address online, there is no concrete evidence against him and CTV News has chosen not to publish his identity at this time.”

If this is him, I hope he receives what he deserves from the police and courts. Even if this is not the person who blackmailed Amanda, he is a pedophile.

Just published less than 30 minutes ago on CTV News website is an article “Exploitation group told about Todd case last year” which starts out:

“VANCOUVER — A national child exploitation group received a tip almost a year ago about 15-year-old Amanda Todd, the British Columbia teenager who took her own life last week after being sexually exploited by an online stalker and bullied by her peers.”

I do want to make it clear that my exposure of the Pastebin file from NJAnon is just that. Exposure. Just like he did with Amanda’s image. Now it’s time for the RCMP to do their job. Please, NO vigilantes. The police are on it.

The closing statement on the CTV posting is so true:

“The anonymity of the web is one of the things that facilitates this sort of harassment, and that anonymity also protects the perpetrators,” said Merlyn Horton, founder of the Safe Online Outreach Society.”

A man accused by the hacker-activist group Anonymous of bullying Amanda Todd is approached by CTV News reporter Lisa Rossington. Oct. 15, 2012.


  1. Michelle, I thought your OP on this was amazing and that yesterday’s post was fantastic. I told the people at work about it yesterday. None of them had heard of it. The subject of the conversation was facebook security. They were surprised that something like this even happened and that Canada has very little in place to deal with bullying when bullying has been in the news in Western nations for years. Thank you so much. I love what you did, you are wonderful!

    • Awwww… thanks Aaron! At first I thought when Anon found his info that it was all coincidence that I had a plea out to them. Well, I’m not sure sure on that anymore. I think that somehow they did read my plea. On that same post, someone put in the comments the links to the pastebin and another site. Didn’t ID themselves – which a lot of people don’t. But when I ran the IP, it was out of Denmark which the real Anonymous’ jump IP’s so they won’t get caught. So I think they did do this as a response to me plea. I honestly was not expecting that to happen at all. I get a decent amount of traffic but didn’t think it would be enough to pass the plea on. I dunno. Then again, it just may be coincidence. Either way, he turned himself in.

  2. It’s great that they caught him; if it *is* him. Let’s not forget that everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. While any teen suicide is tragic, don’t let that blind you into rashly convicting someone. Also let’s not forget that the story doesn’t begin and end with Kody. Many of her peers also contributed to traditional bullying, all of which drove her to her ultimate fate. I don’t know how one would go about addressing that in a legal sense, or if it is even worthwhile, but the point should be clear that if we make this just about one man, we’re missing the point; there’s a much bigger issue about bullying that needs to be addressed, and to me that starts with teaching people to be more compassionate toward one another.

    • Absolutely. The stalker was just one portion of the problem. What initiated it all. But what he did was very illegal. If the anti-bullying laws are passed, then the bullying will be, too.

  3. Ms. Michelle: This is such awesome news! My anger and frustration has now turned to a feeling of “Hell Ya”! I am proud of You and Anon, for taking the time to care about this young lady and the cause of bullying and removal of parasite vermin. People with a just cause when united are POWERFUL! Thank You to both of you from Alabama (as per,keep us updated) Have a Really Great Day 🙂

    • Thanks, Mary. When I posted that story about Amanda and ended with the plea to Anon – I wasn’t expecting it to actually happen. But glad it did!

  4. I have been checking in on what you’re doing here, and hadn’t had time to comment till now, but THANK YOU for being so dedicated to this story, and THANK YOU for being a part of setting the resolution in motion where this sleazebag is concerned. If he has played the role that it appears he played in all of this, it is great to know that he has been identified. The internet works both ways, as this guy found out. He set out to create a digital trail that would follow Amanda Todd wherever she went…now he has to realize that his trail of disgusting online behavior has followed him…and people have followed that trail to find him. Well done to NJ Anonymous, and well done to YOU too Michelle! 🙂

    • Thanks, Chris! Yeah, Maxson should have known better than to leave his dirty laundry out in the open like he did. He probably is one of those that thinks no one knows as much as he does and he’d never be caught.

  5. Thank you to everyone involved.. I have no idea who this group belongs to and who did what but you know how it is with Google. You follow a thread and who knows where it will end.

    I have seen what bullying does to kids and I guess Amanda’s story is one that just demonstrates how every system failed. You have the bully, the schools and I don’t know about the parents but everyone failed her.

    Thanks for bringing a very tragic story to the forefront. The bully will say he is sorry and judging from what I have seen of him the story won’t end here he will just find a different victim.

  6. Well done! I hope that creepy paedophile will be locked away permanently for being a threat to society. As much as I understand why people would wish to do the bullies in, I’m rather reserved about vigilantism myself. Ultimately, there have to be better ways to deal with violent perpetrators other than desperate tactics which lead to death. Here’s hope that from now on we can save more bully victims from a) going so over the edge they go on school shooting sprees b) committing suicide and c) having to carry lethal weapons and going all “do or die” when assaulted (e.g. Jorge Saavedra).

    Here’s another grim thought: as much as we’d want stiffer legislation against bullying (and I do think that recognizing “bullying” as thuggery and criminal activity would be in order), ultimately why do so many bullying victims lose hope? Because they have no support structures to turn to. You’re lucky if you have a big strong buddy to subdue your enemies! Let alone teachers and parents whose care for the children’s wellbeing isn’t as half-arsed as it mostly is. Teachers stop helping you after first couple of complaints. Your parents cannot be trusted to really care for you. Sad, but true. I suffered a bit of bullying myself and my parents didn’t give a shit when I complained about bullies, but were delivering stern action if I got a lousier grade than average. And no wonder so many children disrespect their parents? But enough of ranting, what I do want to say is that in addition to more awareness and everything, we need to think how to provide more support for the bullying victims.

  7. Hi Michelle,
    I live in BC and have been very affected by Amanda’s story. I stumbled across your post and just wanted to confirm the court docket info you have above. I looked up the BC Provincial Court docket and found the link below which indeed shows a “Dakota Maxson” appearing in court yesterday (on page on page 152 of 171). This one doesn’t list the alleged crimes, but for what it’s worth, this person did appear to have at a minimum been scheduled to have appeared in court yesterday. I find it strange that this isn’t in the news, but there you go.
    Ian M

  8. His first appearance on these charges was on 03-Sep-2012, so his court appearance yesterday was already scheduled, and he did not turn himself in as a result of events this week.

      • MAXSON, Dakota William Shain
        MAXSON, Cody
        MAXSON, Kody
        YOB 1993


        Information: 196271-1
        Count: 1
        Offence date: 01-Aug-2012
        Offense: CCC – 271 sexual assault
        Nature: Commit
        Accused: MAXSON, DAKOTA William Shain
        City of Offence: Surrey BC

        Information: 196271-1
        Count: 2
        Offence date: 01-Aug-2012
        Offence: CCC – 151 Sexual interference of person under 16 Nature: Commit
        Accused: MAXSON, DAKOTA William Shain
        City of Offence: Surrey BC

        Next court appearance:

        MAXSON, DAKOTA William Shain 1
        Surrey Provincial Court
        01:30 PM
        Courtroom1 102
        Arraignment hearing

        MAXSON, DAKOTA William Shain 2
        Surrey Provincial Court
        01:30 PM
        Courtroom 102
        Arraignment hearing


        JIR Type: OR
        Adjudicator: LINDSEY, H J
        Bail: 1000
        Order Granted: 03-Sep-2012
        Release Date: 03-Sep-2012
        Youth Offender Act: No
        Time: 11:00AM
        Courtroom: 311

        Information from:

        You can see all his court appearances if you follow the link, search his name, and look under appearances.

  9. Thank you so much. When I read about how he followed her tormenting her with a silly decision she made years ago I couldn’t fathom the cruelty. Good luck on him living in any sort of privacy now, and the exposure is in exact proportion to his exposure of a teenage girl. We all make silly mistakes when we’re young. The guy is a P.O.S. and I have no mercy at all for his behavior. I hope they throw the book at him, not only for soliciting pre teens but stalking, harrassment etc…

    • The Stalker is a teen, and wasnt even an 18+ adult at the first time he got ahold of her nude pics that she willingly gave him.

  10. Good on Anonymous. People like him need to be named. He started her downward spiral. Some would say it was her fault, but I personally believe the amount of teens either doing things on webcam or sending photos is a lot higher than whatever studies have shown. Seen a lot of comments on Youtube of people claiming their daughters, sisters, cousins, whoever would never do such a thing due to how they were raised but that is the biggest BS. This guy started her hate, the hating of herself. Poor girl, just hope more can be done in the future to stop such things. RIP.

  11. he was def already in the court system and that’s where CTV found him, outside the courthouse. It’s definitely the same guy

  12. Does it say YOB 1993? That makes him 18 or 19 years old. Not 32 as has been reported. It might also not make him a pedophile technically speaking.

      • Michelle, I’m pleased to have helped with the dox. I do hope Justice will be done. I’m so sorry about what happened to this young woman. Of one thing you can be certain: you have earned the respect of Anonymous for this series of articles. We are Here…. to Help should there be the need. ^v^

    • Wow, that’s a nail in the coffin right there, I missed that one. Thanks!

      She even used his full name, Dakota William Shain Maxson. That video removes all possibility of any doubt that it’s him. My pastebin puts the track together quite succinctly:

      And his picture is available here:

      To Kody, (to quote you.)

      “Your choices have consequences, and you made your choice, hope you can live with it(;”


      • Woah. You’re not kidding there! If she knew his name why didn’t she every press charges? At that age, though, she probably thought they were in a relationship and didn’t want to piss him off. Who knows.

        • All information sent to the RCMP, let’s hope they use it to bring some justice for Amanda. I included Peyton’s info as well and they may follow up on her behalf. Just with my pastebin and that video, I believe it would convince a judge or jury beyond a reasonable doubt that he is the right person.

          If anyone has any information on her other tormentors, please forward it to



        • Wow. I like how things are handled there in Canada. Here most people do NOT want the police involved because they’re often more corrupt than the criminals.

  13. Also for anyone concerned about this issue: If you watch the entire video you will see that there is a whole subculture of older guys targeting young girls/preteens who go on webcam chats in order to blackmail them by taking screen captures of them. It seems the guys call themselves cappers. There are a few of them listed in the vid that do the same thing as Kody Maxson but the spotlight is not on them. Kody Maxson is one of many. If anyone goes and hangs out in these particular chatrooms you will easily find these guys so I find it incredible that when Amanda Todds pics first were circulated the police said they could not track this guy and it was hard to target online stalkers. He was very out in the open and using the same screen name for years. The other guys in this video are doing exactly what he is doing but unfortunately there is no interest (or at least apparent interest) from the authorities.

    • Capping is a term used to describe guys who “capture” video usually streamed across webcams. Most people don’t understand that software can be used to capture live web streams

      For the record, the name Dakota Maxson has been removed from the BC Court records and replaced with “limited access”. The file number has not changed.

        • His name may have been removed because of a publication ban, common in cases involving an underage victim in Canada. The publicity of his court records on the web may have been a factor as well.


  14. If you go through @kody1206 tweets, you get a repeated address in Surrey and reference to Peyton who is also a victim mentioned in the daily capper videos

  15. I’m curious. Now that Anonymous has acknowdged they identified Maxson in error, do you have any thoughts or concerns about your part in it? Not trying to be a smart ass or defend pedophillc scum, and I appreciate the unsatisfying glacier pace of the legal system, but I wonder if there is a better solution than Internet justice? Protection for the accused can be frustrating for the victim and the observer (a great many who, to be honest, treat it as a blood sport, myself included), but isn’t it preferable in the long run rather that risking the ruination of an innocent persons life? BTW, I’m not claiming Maxson as some big innocent goof, I’m more concerned with the principal. And should we, and Anonymous, be “doxed” for bullying Maxson, and by extension his mother and siblings? Difficult issues to face.

    • Actually, I wasn’t real comfortable from the beginning. “What if they’re wrong?” I would ask myself. But then I would remind myself at the very least he is a pedophile, although that needs to be determined in court. When it comes to underage girls being molested, I will throw “principal” out the window. I ask myself if I should have just stayed out of the whole mess from the beginning, then I remind myself that too many people “stay out of it” and children are molested, killed, kidnapped, beaten, etc. There is no right or wrong answer as there are pro’s and con’s out the wazoo.

      • Yeah, life is full of case-by-case decisions, we have to make a choice and (hopefully) stand up and take responsibility for it. What’s the old saying? The are no punishments or rewards, only consequences.

    • FYI… thanks for letting me know about the Maxson situation. I’ve been deep in work I hadn’t checked anything out today. I did post a follow up. The guy stinks of molestation, but I will not continue pointing a finger at someone when they may very well not be guilty of the crime I’m claiming they are.

      • No problem Michelle. Here’s hoping you don’t end up on the wrong end of the Maxsons rumored lawsuit. I guess it is the risks we take when we try to out bad people – if we get it wrong and we don’t corroborate our information, we have to accept the consequences. 😦

        • He’ll have a hard time winning that law suit. And he’ll have to admit his bad deeds on the internet, which some may be illegal. Plus he would have to prove that it was done with malicious intent, which would be horribly difficult to do – that any site that posted the story had a reasonable cause to do so, and that’s the pastebin file. He’d have to prove that any site just choose him and made all this up. There were so many sites that posted that same info, not that it makes it okay or not okay. I don’t know if him being in Canada and most of these sites in the US matter. He’s done much worse stuff on just Facebook alone, I’m sure. He received the blackmailer of the year award on that Capper site. That would all come out in court by the defense. Then that opens him up to criminal charges from those people he blackmailed. It’s unfortunate that is wasn’t him, although I haven’t heard definitive proof one way or the other. Retractions have been posted by some sites at least. He needs to stop that crap and realize he is lucky nothing else worse happened.

  16. I wish I could kill him in the most vile evil way possible maybe feed him his own nuts and saw through his limbs but keep him alive then kill the thing closest to him in front of him and then only then end his life by sawing through his neck slowly

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