An Update on Kody Maxson Alleged Extortionist of Amanda Todd

After a whirlwind of several days watching the chaos ensue on the internet, there is a possibility that Kody Maxson may not the person that blackmailed Amanda Todd. I’m sure very few people would openly admit it, but other items have surfaced. Patrick McGuire, a reporter on another website, Vice, actually took some very detailed steps in digging up who Maxson is after McGuire, like myself, published nearly identical stories.

The best thing to do is to jump over to the Vice website and check out all the details yourself. There are some very interesting items there and a lot of time and effort put into his work. Do I think Maxson extorted Amanda? It will be difficult to determine a true answer, and I have thought that from the beginning since the purported victim is deceased. But common sense dictates that Maxson loves under aged girls. No one is going to be on these types of sites, like Jailbait, and also the user name kody1206 was called “Blackmailer of the Year” by “The Daily Capper,” unless they are participating in the same manner.

I never thought Amanda was as innocent as she let on. There were too many gaps in the story, and same goes for her and the type of websites she frequented. I work on a computer and I am online probably close to 16 hours a day. I NEVER just happen by any sex, porn or dating site by accident. However, even if Amanda had performed an entire video of moves online, that is no excuse for blackmail which resulted in bullying. As most of us know, bullying has evolved to such a horrible level of both mental and physical abuse that laws are now being passed to protect the innocent from the bullies. When I was young, it was nothing more than “picked on.” Some youth these days are just downright cruel, and it does appear that Amanda was pushed further than she can handle.

I was asked how I felt about participating in this whole ordeal of pointing a finger at Maxson based upon a file from Anonymous. Honestly, I never cared much for it from the very beginning. Like I mentioned earlier, having half of the party deceased makes absolute proof difficult. However, the collage image of the sites that Maxson frequents definitely supports this theory. In other words, Maxson does not appear to be completely innocent from underage girls. When it comes to children or underage girls being victims, too many people and society turns their head and looks away, and that has always floored me. If your daughter, or sister, or mother was a victim, you would hope that someone helped her out if you couldn’t.

The one thing I hoped would not happen are people physically seeking this guy out for whatever reason they felt was necessary. I despise violence and our society glorifies too much of it. Just expose the guilty, give Maxson a taste of his own internet exposure medicine, and let the police take over.  When it comes to the internet, never assume any addresses given are current. Hell, I have addresses on me popping up from 30 years ago in college.

With that, there is not much more I can add. But I do feel a responsibility to post that it is looking like Kody Maxson is not the person who blackmailed Amanda Todd, and for that and that only, I do owe Kody Maxson an apology for acting first then thinking later.

Now it is time for me to leave the reporting behind and return to my addiction of politics. This is an election year, after all. I can’t disappear too long – and as many people know, I am not shy about my opinions of certain political figures.

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  1. Michelle, read your previous a couple blogs back: please don’t apologise… and you don’t forgive, And you don’t forget. You are Anonymous.

  2. This brings up an interesting point, Michelle. About ten years ago, a 16 year old boy was tortured by a girl he fell in love with. she loved him , she didnt love him. She was pregnant with his baby, then it wasnt his baby. Then she wasnt even pregnant at all. She just like having him to fall back on when the jerks she would chase would dump her. He commited suicide, a shotgun in his mouth. His mom tried to sue the parents of the girl. It never panned out. My question, Michelle, and there is a lot of wisdom here, is, is there any culpapbility on the girl or her parents? Many years ago, the kid wouldnt have necessarily commited suicide but just would ave been in a funk for six months and learned from it.. Want to hear what you think!

  3. Do you believe everything his Mom and the RCMP tell you? How can anyone believe that this guy, in court for sex crimes against kids, who left a huge foootprint on the web of his kiddie porn activities and who ADMITS to knowing Amanda and having online interaction with her is innocent? You think he was just a friendly pedophile trying to help right? Thats what they do they help little kids? The RCMP are lying to stop a shit storm. Wouldnt be the first time

    • Oh, I don’t think he is innocent of being a pedophile at all. And I hope the RCMP will dig even further on this creep. But regardless of how vile he is, I cannot continue with making a specific accusation that may not be true. I am still glad that he was exposed so he could get a taste of what it’s like. He’s been doing that to girls – and probably guys – for a while now.