2011 in Review | From Rags to Riches

THE WINNER! Okay, I have to admit, my guilty sinful pleasure is that I LOVE “America’s Got Talent.”  The ONLY reality show I watch.  And it is because I hope and adore when people like Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. come on.  Here is a man from West Virginia whose trade is washing cars.  Has never sang professionally other than at charities.  Not even in a smoke-filled bar in the back hills of West Virginia.  He…
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Manila’s North Cemetary Where the Living Reside Among the Dead

The Manila North Cemetery (or Cementerio del Norte formerly known also as “Paang Bundok”), which measures 54 hectares, is considered the biggest and one of the oldest cemeteries in Metro Manila.  There are typically anywhere between 70 to 80 funerals a day here.  The cemetery is owned by the Manila city government and has initiated an expansion program to build more “apartment tombs” and a crematorium.

2011 in Review | My Favorite Video

Okay, fellow internet cohorts… it is time to start wrapping up 2011, and what a year this has been!  For my first post of “2011 in Review,” I am sharing my favorite video which came out… The Ultimate Dog Tease.  Naturally since I am a huge dog-lover, having trained dogs since I was 12 years old, run agility, and work with dog rescue, it makes complete sense that this is my fav.  However, this video…
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A Dog Piloting a Sopwith Camel | Graphics

Having some more fun with my graphics tablet in Photoshop. Here is a dog piloting a Sopwith Camel, which was a British First World War single-seat biplane fighter introduced on the Western Front in 1917. I started out with just the dog. Added the goggles and scarf, then tucked him? her? away in the plane all ready for take-off!