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Tag: Graffiti art

The G’morning Shot for June 5, 2012

. A side of Mickey and Minnie we didn’t know existed. Graffiti artist: Not sure, but rumored to be Banksy. Doesn’t quite look like his work in my opinion, though. […]

The Parting Shot for May 17, 2012

. Here we are witnessing a Giganticum Grafittis Birdus gathering a human for it’s morning omelette. (Why is WordPress telling me “omelette” is spelled wrong? That’s the correct spelling…) Photo […]

The Parting Shot for May 12, 2012

. A truly gifted artist’s mind thinks freely and without the boundaries and paths most people’s minds unknowingly follow; creating art out of the most mundane objects as they do […]

The Parting Shot for April 17, 2012

Faster than a motorized scooter…. More powerful than a warm-water enema…. Able to pinch tall nurses in a single try… It’s Super Geriatrics Man!!! Artist and photo credit: Unknown