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The G’morning Shot for June 5, 2012

A side of Mickey and Minnie we didn’t know existed.

Click on image to view in full size.

Graffiti artist:
Not sure, but rumored to be Banksy.
Doesn’t quite look like his work in my opinion, though.

UPDATE: June 28 2012 – Yes, this is Banksy. Per Oddee website:

“Graffiti artist Banksy notably altered a billboard in Los Angeles prior to the Academy Awards in February 2011, in hopes of calling attention to the nomination of his documentary ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop.’ A rather lecherous Micky Mouse, cocktail in hand, was painted onto an existing billboard along with a drugged-out Minnie Mouse and a banner reading, ‘Living the Dream.’ It was quickly removed.”


    • I don’t think so on this one. There are some very subtle things which most wouldn’t have done in photoshop… like some very small runs/dripping of the paint. It’s possible, but I think this one is real. But Minnie hittin’ the crack pipe just cracks me up (pardon the pun).

  1. Buenos dias Michelle. How are you? Perhaps you can help me with a dilemma I can’t seem to get my blogs Picture under my blogs header

      • I really want to tell you a story that came to mind after seeing this pic of Mickey and Mini, but if I do tell you, it will be against my better judgement, because it doesn’t make me look good. But it was a long time ago, and I was somewhat different then, than I am now.

        Four years after we had graduated, a group of guys I went to college with, put together a trip to Orlando, FLA since one of them had a timeshare condo there. In addition to lots of time on the beaches and enjoying the nightlife in the clubs, we also went to Disney World just for kicks.

        We were there on the day of my 25th birthday, so as an outrageous joke to bust my balls, they set up a kids style surprise Disney World birthday party for me. I was quite drunk at the time, and even though the joke was on me, I just rolled with it and enjoyed it.

        At one point during the party, Mini Mouse came in and sat on my lap while putting her arms around me. In my quite drunken state, I began to wonder if this person wearing the red and white polka dot dress, black tights, and a giant mouse head, was actually a female. I was more curious than concerned, but I was curious enough to use my hand to verify Mini’s true gender, so I gave a her(?) a little squeeze in the chest area.

        My hand found what felt like familiar female anatomy, and at almost at the very same instant, Mini Mouse’s white gloved hand gave me a quick slap across my face. But at least I knew that Mini Mouse was most definitely female, as she jumped off my lap and hurried out of the room. In hind sight, maybe I should have just asked her…

        Ten minutes later, Disney security was on the scene and they told us the party was over, and it was time for us to leave. We were being booted out of their Magic Kingdom, because I had groped Mini Mouse, and I’m sure that if we hadn’t left right away, that Mickey would have burst through the doorway and furiously kicked my ass!

        So if through some miracle of probability, and against incredibly high odds, the woman who was Mini Mouse that day when I offended her, is reading this… I want you to know that I am genuinely sorry for what I did.

        I wish that instead of sending you in as Mini Mouse to sit on my drunken lap, it had been a guy dressed up as Porky Pig, because that’s what I really deserved, and you deserved much better than me!

        • OMG! For some reason, that does not surprise me. And I’m trying to keep from busting out loud laughing at work.

          And that is very admirable for you to apologize. Even though I seriously doubt Mini will read this, the Karma is now afloat.

        • I didn’t think it would surprise you, but thanks for your patience and also for understanding that my remorse is genuine, and my apology to Mini is sincere, even if she never sees it.

          I’m also glad that you were fighting off laughter, because even though my behavior was regrettable, the scene that resulted was truly ridiculous, and I still laugh in spite of myself when I think about it 30 years later.

          But I’m still sorry it happened, and I hope that the Karma is afloat, and results in cosmic forgiveness for me being something that floats in toilets.

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