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Tag: humorous

More Easter Humor

Just thought I’d share some various Easter Funnies, jokes, photos, and stories. Feel free to check out last year’s posting of Easter Humor with different Easter funnies.  

The Saturday Night Funnies

It’s time to take a break from the news and everything else which tires one’s mind. Kick back and hopefully a couple of the funnies below will put a smile […]

A Rush Limbaugh Cartoon Q & A

Here is your chance to answer Rush Limbaugh’s question in the cartoon below. Rush says, “I said what I thought, then I apologized when I started losing advertisers.” He then […]

You might be a dog person if . . .

A dog-agility friend of mine sent me this in an email earlier.  Of course, it is posted on my Motley Dogs site, but these are too good not to post […]