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Fun Stuff Online When You Need That Mental Break

We all need a mental break from time to time. As I build registration websites, I am usually working on my computer anywhere from a minimum of 8 hours upwards to 12 hours a day – and I mean legitimate work — not personal blogging (like now) nor Facebooking (has that become an official verb?) . I’m sure those who work on a computer all day, regardless of the nature of the work, could really use a mental break on occasion. And even if you don’t work on a computer, these sites are still great to come to for a few moments of smiles.

Orca, Killer Whale… (link)

One of my favorites. There isn’t a name for the site, so let’s call it “Being chased by an Orca” or “Watch the Orca dance.” Yeah, lame names. Cough up some ideas then and put them in the comments, then.

Basic premise of the Orca site… the computer graphics Orca chases your cursor. He (or she) will wiggle, go in circles, back-and-forth, and wait on the sideline for the return of your cursor. My favorite is moving my cursor in quickly in circles, starting large and, all the while, closing in to the center, then stopping suddenly. I find the way the movement transfers, or ripples, from the nose to the tail fascinating. The tail will continue in the circular movement a few moments after you stop moving the cursor. Here is a short demo…….. (creator unknown)

Scary Spider (link)

Scary Spider is another one of my favorites. I think Orca wins by a pixel – but just barely.

Interactive with a variety of settings. You can make the spider larger, faster, slower, longer legs, etc. Just like the Orca, the spider will follow your cursor. However, unlike the Orca site, you are able to grab the spider and drag him (her?) around. You can grab a leg or the body. Also, double-clicking on the floor will leave a fly behind. It’s the only way to get the spider to stop following you — at least until the fly is devoured.

Scary Spider is created by One Motion.

Snake Game (link)

Don’t like spiders? Not a problem. Here is a snake game which I prefer to call “Hungry Snake.” Simple concept. By using your cursor to direct the snake, consume as many mice as you can. The more mice you eat, the longer you get. Watch out for flowers and don’t run into yourself. If so, game over. But you don’t have to buy lives, look for hidden treasures, etc. Just start again.

Another interactive game by One Motion.

DJ Turntable (link)

Yes, another one by One Motion. No video for this one. It’s pretty self-explanatory. You can load an mp3 of your choice and imagine you’re a DJ. If you’re like me and suck, please put on some headphones so you don’t torture anyone else around you, in the apartment next door, the cat, the dog, or even the fish.

Hint: I found it difficult to get the dial controls to work properly, then I finally figured it out. Simply click on the dial you want to adjust. Then click-hold your mouse while dragging horizontally left or right to adjust. I was going up/down, around the dial in a circular motion, etc. No luck. Left the site a few times grumbling they suck. Then finally figured it out.

Drum Machine (link)

I had not noticed this one before. It’s pretty cool. All kinds of sound options and adjustments. The basic premise is when a red square is lit, that is a beat on the drum.

Other options on One Motion are Sketch n Paint, Asteroids, Tetris, Interactive Buddy (which is kinda cute), and Breakdance (I couldn’t figure out how to do this one right).

Keep in mind, the guy that created all these fun sites is self-taught.

Humor Breaks

There are thousands of sites that provide a lot of laughs. Here are some I find worth checking out.

Clients from Hell (link)

It is exactly what it sounds like. Have you had an experience with a client from hell? Send it in. In the meantime, enjoy reading about others – it may help with putting your own office-idiot into it’s true perspective. WARNING: A lot of facepalming.

Excerpt #1:

Client: What do you know about barcodes? We want one for our product.

Me: Well, you need one for your product’s label. Can you provide me with the barcode or the number you have for it so I can generate one?

Client: We don’t have anything like that. Can you just put one from Google images? Any barcode.

Me: So… you want a non-functional barcode as decoration in your label?

Client: Yeah. We want our product to look official.

Excerpt #2:

Client: Thank you for the copy of the book, but I’m in a terrible mess. I’ve made lots of alterations, but the pages are now out of order and I don’t know which pages should go where.

Me: Have you made the alterations to the manuscript we provided to you?

Client: Yes.

Me: Well, it has page numbers. 

Client: Yes, but I don’t know which page numbers should go where.

Me: Okay, which is the first page you’re not sure of?

Client: Page 29.

Me: Okay, can you find pages 28 & 30?

Client: (after a few seconds shuffling paper) Yes.

Me: Well, page 29 goes between 28 and 30.

Client: Are you sure?

Photoshop Disasters (link)

You know how some people should not drive, others should not cook? Well, here is a site that shows what the results are from people who should not use Photoshop as a profession. Let’s call this image below, “Let’s not reflect.

Vine: Christian Leonard (link)

A teenager who is very creative – and very good – with making illusion-type videos. It’s Vine so they’re short – but great!

Found Magazine (link)

All kinds of letters and notes found… and shared. And we’re not talking ordinary “how’s the weather” type letters….

Honorable Mentions

Toilet Humor – the name is pretty self-descriptive.

The Chive – funny photos and funny videos. With intermittent posts of college-aged women showing off their bodies.

Oddee – a blog with lists of oddities, weird stuff and strange things of our world.

Imgur – Images, images and more images. Some are funny, some try to be funny, some are beautiful, and then there are some that just suck.

Do you have any favorite “take a mental break” sites? Please share in the comments.


  1. Okay, back to work. You’ve spent far too much time assembling these great websites. I sent links for the first few to my grandkids. Orca is my fave.

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