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Cute Pup Says “I Love You” and Other Fun Doggie Video Clips

This first video is an adorable French Bulldog pup, all dressed in his (or hers?) Christmas sweater. “Frenchie” here surprises his people by saying, “I love you.” LOL… apparently the original has become viral as this was featured on the national news this morning. This one is an upload by “Petsami” and I cannot find the original. BTW… I HATE Petsami’s logo… the cat face with the crossed bones beneath it. Looks like a “death” or “poison” label to me. Anyway, just had to point that out – it’s been bugging me since I subbed their channel.

Talking dog says “I love you”

Secret agent dog infiltrates kitchen

This video is GREAT! Talk about an imaginative, creative and very intelligent dog! Although it is a possibility that the owners trained their pooch to do this – I truly do not know whether the dog figured this out on it’s own, or if it was trained – regardless, it is still great nonetheless.

Energetic dog bounces up and down

We have a dog here that has a phenomenal standing vertical leap. I always find this view of a dog jumping to be hilarious!

Cunning kitty catches hard-to-reach balloons

Okay, I lied in my post title. There are more than just dogs in this posting. Here is one of a cat trying to get an out-of-reach balloon. At the 10 second mark is when I was ROTFLMAO…. The rest is very good as well. Very smart kitty.


Dog dashes between rooms

A very simple video, but the dog in his own nutty way makes me laugh.


Crazy chipmunk plays with everyone

Such a cute chipmunk! Even has no fear when playing with what is normally it’s enemy.


Security Cat vs. Raccoon

With a cat like this, who needs a guard dog.


Man silences hundreds of geese

Yes, a lot of Canadian Geese are noisy buggers.


Angry goose goes on attack

Not only are Canadian Geese noisy, but a bit temperamental, too. The laughter from the person holding the camera just adds to the humor.


Little dog goes swinging

Just a’ shwingin’….

Lazy dog slides through the leaves

What helped this video be funny is the way the person recorded their dog – with the camera stationary and dog out of view to start with. If the camera had started on the dog and followed it, I don’t think it would have been as humorous.

Well, there you go. I think that is about enough for now. They’re all short so doesn’t take long to go through them. I hope you did take the time to view them all as I’m sure they will put a smile on your face and a chuckle in your belly.

Have a great Sunday, everyone. And don’t forget…. The rover, Curiosity, lands on Mars at approximately 1:30 AM Eastern time (Monday morn) which is 10:30 PM Pacific time (Sunday night – tonight). Here is the page all about Curiosity on the NASA website. Check it out!

Check out what the landing is all about…. The most challenging landing ever.

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover: ‘7 Minutes of Terror’ Animation Video


  1. Those went great with my afternoon coffee, except my screen is a little drippy right now:) to much fun. I just now learned what ROTFLMAO means(little slow its the heat) i agree with the crossbones thing little creepy. Thanks for the rover landing info. I do enjoy this kind of stuff.. Thank You for sharing smiles…..

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