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The Matrix Cat

Awesome animated gif of a cat that enters into the Matrix. This came courtesy of the Kitty Blogger.

The Pitbull versus the Kitten

An adorable video showing the loving, yet very playful, relationship between a pitbull-boxer mix and an adorable, tiny, sweet kitten. The choice of music is perfect, too. Guns N’ Roses […]

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot | A Challenge

In case you didn’t figure that out, “whiskey, tango and foxtrot” are from the NATO Alphabet, aka Spelling Alphabet, for WTF… In cleaning out my Spam folder, I came across […]

New Video: Ultimate CAT Tease

Remember the “Ultimate Dog Tease”? It is the video of the talking dog who was upset he didn’t get the meat and bacon – but the cat did – that […]