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Category: Dogs Cats and Other Pets

Famous Movie Scenes with Cats

Cute video mixing some well-known scenes from some famous movies intermixed with home footage of cats. You don’t have to be a cat-lover to enjoy this. And no worries about […]

The Joys of Coming Home to Your Pet

All devoted dog and cat owners love arriving home to their pets. The wagging tails, the bright eyes, the wet sloppy licks, the purring and rubbing up against your legs… […]

Crazy Cats | Animated Gif’s

Since I posted earlier about “Dog,” the motorcycle riding dog, I figured I should give some equal time to our feline friends as well. Here are some hilarious animated gif’s […]

A Motorcycle-Riding Dog Named, well… Dog!

This dog, whose name is “Dog,” is incredibly amazing! Literally rides behind his master, Gary Miller, on his motorcycle, proudly sporting his goggles and hangs on to Gary “like a […]

The Parting Shot for March 5, 2012

“Whatcha doin’?” Photo credit:  Me Actually, I have added more to my Project 365, so feel free to check the new additions out. But I still have more catching up […]

Iditarod and Jr Iditarod 2012 Photos

Willow, Alaska — Sixty-six mushers began their quest to win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race with the competition’s official start Sunday in Willow. The mushers and their dog teams […]

Albuquerque Man Registers His Dog to Vote

An Albuquerque, New Mexico man says he successfully registered his dog, Buddy, to vote as a registered Democrat in Bernalillo County. The dog owner said he saw a voter registration […]