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I am Moving Today

Well, just about to tear down my system for the day. Kind of painful since I’m so addicted to the internet, blogging, photography and graphics. But I will be back […]

A Sheep-Herding Swedish Bunny

I am coming across some very strange stuff today. I suppose I’m taking a bit of a break from politics for a day. Well… maybe. Day is not over yet. […]

Dog and Cat… Caught in the Act!

I came across this photo somewhere on Facebook so I have no idea where it originated.  I basically just had a field day with it. What in incredible photographic capture! […]

Loukanikos: Athens’ Protest Dog

Loukanikos — the word means sausage in Greek — has showed up for numerous demonstrations in Athens over the last few years.  Here are some photos taken of him.

You might be a dog person if . . .

A dog-agility friend of mine sent me this in an email earlier.  Of course, it is posted on my Motley Dogs site, but these are too good not to post […]