Lego Space Mission

Utterly amazing! Two Toronto teenagers with an interest in space flight became overnight rock stars after their mission to send a Lego man into near space captured international attention. Advertisements

Top Ten Countries Using Solar Power | Infographic

Despite a shaky European economy and the recent prominent failure of a U.S.-based panel manufacturer, the solar market at large has continued its upward trajectory of rapid growth in the last two years. Lower costs, new applications, and plenty of investor interest have helped these 10 countries become the world’s leaders in installed solar.

Black Mirror: 15 Million Merits

Someone sent me the link for the first part of a five part upload of this episode.  I watched it and couldn’t stop until I had finished them all.  Imagine a world where everything you do either deducts or adds merits.  A bit of toothpaste needed to brush your teeth once deducts merits.  Riding a stationary bike, which is a job to provide power to all the TV screens, adds merits.  And to skip a…
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BBC Nature: ‘Brinicle’ ice finger of death filmed in Antarctic

A bizarre underwater “icicle of death” has been filmed by a BBC crew. With timelapse cameras, specialists recorded salt water being excluded from the sea ice and sinking. The temperature of this sinking brine, which was well below 0C, caused the water to freeze in an icy sheath around it. Where the so-called “brinicle” met the sea bed, a web of ice formed that froze everything it touched, including sea urchins and starfish. The unusual…
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The Princeton Random Generator that “predicted” 9/11

(Sept 6, 2011)  Now with the Ten-Year Anniversary of 9/11 only a few days away, stories and facts have yet re-emerged like a hungry bear from it’s den after a long winters hibernation. Therefore, while perusing the internet, I came across The Telegraphs “21 Awful Truths About 9/11“… OMG!….  Here is number eight on the list: “Three hours before the attacks, a machine called a Random Event Generator at Princeton University predicted a cataclysmic event…
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Phenomenal photos from Astronomy Picture of the Day site

Here are some incredible pictures from Astronomy Picture of the Day website.  All sources and links provided. Roll Cloud Over Wisconsin Image Credit: Pierre cb, Wikipedia Explanation: What kind of cloud is this? A type of arcus cloud called a roll cloud. These rare long clouds may form near advancing cold fronts. In particular, a downdraft from an advancing storm front can cause moist warm air to rise, cool below its dew point, and so form a cloud. When this happens uniformly…
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Electron Microscopic scans of the insects among us

A gallery of close-ups of the pests who inhabit our homes, clothes, and bodies.  Electron Microscopic scans from the book, Micro Monsters, by Tom Jackson, published by Amber Books. SPL / BARCROFT MEDIA / FAME PICTURES Daddy Long Legs This spider has six eyes, arranged in two triangles at the top of its head. SPL / BARCROFT MEDIA / FAME PICTURES Two Mange Mites These insects embed themselves either in hair follicles or skin. They…
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Stunning electron microscope photos

These photos are taken from Brandon Brill’s book, “Microcosmos.”  London England.  Book includes SEM images (Scanning Electron Microscope) of items most of which are too small for the naked eye to see. Utterly amazing. A human head louse clinging to a hair An ant, Formica fusca, holding a microchip Bacteria on the surface of a human tongue Cigarette paper A clutch of unidentified butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant A daisy bud Calcium phosphate crystal…
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