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Category: Science

Posts about all difference facets of science.

Lego Space Mission

Utterly amazing! Two Toronto teenagers with an interest in space flight became overnight rock stars after their mission to send a Lego man into near space captured international attention.

Black Mirror: 15 Million Merits

Someone sent me the link for the first part of a five part upload of this episode.  I watched it and couldn’t stop until I had finished them all.  Imagine […]

Stunning electron microscope photos

These photos are taken from Brandon Brill’s book, “Microcosmos.”  London England.  Book includes SEM images (Scanning Electron Microscope) of items most of which are too small for the naked eye […]

Why can we not walk straight?

Very interesting video (and loved how he created it). The question, apparently, still remains well… unanswered. To sum up this video, when a person is blindfolded, or unable to orientate […]