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Why can we not walk straight?

Very interesting video (and loved how he created it). The question, apparently, still remains well… unanswered. To sum up this video, when a person is blindfolded, or unable to orientate themselves properly – such as in a thick fog – then when they think they are walking straight, they are actually walking in circles.

Notice, the direction of path always seems to circle clock-wise – except for the automobile example, which I will touch on in a moment.  My first thought is what is always in constant motion on our planet?  Well, our planet itself.  Always rotating around our axis, and revolving around the sun.  Although we cannot feel this movement, our human balance is very delicate and subconsciously, our body “feels” this rotation.  Would this not have an effect on our path as given in these experiments?

Now, with the man driving the car, he actually circles counter-clockwise.  Could this be because, sub-consciously, his body is thinking it is moving to the right more than it actually is simply due to the higher speed than when on foot, therefore, the person unknowingly over-compensates when driving, thus turning the wheel more left?

Just some thoughts…..  Enjoy the video.

A Mystery: Why Can’t We Walk Straight? from NPR on Vimeo.

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