Who Said It, Santorum or Hitler?

A few days ago, Santorum compared Obama to Hitler, but in fact it is Santorum who has a few political ideals shockingly similar to Hitler’s. Don’t believe me? Take this 50/50 round and see if you can figure out who said what. I was very amazed, and actually rather frightened, both by the statements and the answers. Advertisements

I Am Going to a Maximum Security Prison

LOL.. Yes, I am. Going on a tour for photography reasons (and hopefully some ghost-hunting) to the Old Main Prison in Santa Fe NM, where one of the worst prison riots occurred in 1980. The New Mexico Corrections Department will be hosting tours once a month at the New Mexico State Penitentiary “Old Main” prison in Santa Fe, beginning February 2, 2012. The prison tours will be hosted once a month to display the history…
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Historical Photos of Child Labor in NC Textile Mills

During the late 19th and early 20th century, the few laws prohibiting child labor were moderate and rarely enforced. In North Carolina, the age limit was 13 for employment in factories such as mills, and children under 18 were allowed to work up to a shocking 66 hours per week! Mill owners had to “knowingly and willfully” break these laws before they could be convicted.

“To My Old Master, Colonel P. H. Anderson” from Former Slave Jourdon Anderson

This is a superb and magnificent letter written from a former slave to his former master in a response to a request to return as a “free” man and employee, no longer as a slave. When I reached the apex of the letter, which is a request of “some proof that you were disposed to treat us justly and kindly”, I laughed out loud with rejoice and respect for the writer’s forethought to do so…
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FDR’s Second Bill of Rights

Saw this image come across Facebook a while back and saved it.  So, just thought I would post a reminder to all what an incredible president FDR was.  I wish our politicians were more like him.  I am fortunate to have all these items (some to a certain degree, as in medical), but an unacceptable amount of people in our country do not.  In fact, when you read down a bit further, nearly all these…
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Photos / Video of Occupy Wall Street “Day of Action” Nov 17th #ows

Today, Thursday November 17th, marked the two-month anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.  Just 60 days ago, a few hundred arrived at Wall Street to take up camp and occupy the area in protest to the greed and corruption within our government and corporations.  The main stream media refused to cover the inaugural event instead covering such events such as the Tea Party.  Many scoffed and did not believe this would take hold.  Now…
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“Million Dollar Courtroom” Theodore Levin United State Courthouse, Detroit Federal Bldg (photos)

Courtroom is from the previous building built in 1896. It was disassembled and reassembled in the new building in 1932. It contains over 30 types of marble. Behind the bench is a frieze of 10 female figures depicting the purity of justice. On April 22, 1930, the federal budget bureau recommended that Detroit get a new federal building and customs house at a price of nearly $5 million (about $63.9 million today). Robert O. Derrick…
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World War I posters – A journey through American history

Vintage and historical America has always fascinated me.  Here are some of the more interesting of the thousands available of posters issued during WWI.  I saw some sites which called these “propoganda.”  Perhaps in today’s society, some posters may be considered that, but during this era in US history, that is just the way it was. We have all seen the “Join now…” posters, what women can do, join the Red Cross, etc., but what…
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