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World War I posters – A journey through American history

Vintage and historical America has always fascinated me.  Here are some of the more interesting of the thousands available of posters issued during WWI.  I saw some sites which called these “propoganda.”  Perhaps in today’s society, some posters may be considered that, but during this era in US history, that is just the way it was.

We have all seen the “Join now…” posters, what women can do, join the Red Cross, etc., but what I did not realize were the number of posters in regards to the disable soldiers and sailors.  Interesting, though, I did not see the term “veteran” anywhere… I wonder when “Disabled Veteran” become the normal terminology….

Enlisting during WWI was also targeted unemployed – which was many – as well as a way to be paid to earn an education – which many could not afford on their own.

Learning to walk for the second time c1919

At work again Back to the farm c1919

What can the blinded men do in world of commerce and industry c1919

Reading and writing are not lost arts to the blinded men c1919

Facts of interest to the disable soldier or sailor c1919

India restores her war cripples to self-support c1919

First steps to usefulness c1919

The lure of movies c1919

Future shipworkers one-armed men c1919

The disabled man who is profitably employed is no longer handicapped c1919

With compass and tsquare c1919

Back home, Gave both arms in service c1919

Refugees in Russia poster c1917 1918

Refugees in Russia text c1917 1918

Here is your chance to see France and the Rhine enlist c1917 or 1918

How would you like to be with Uncle Sams priviledged tourists c1918

Urgent the President has issued an urgent call c1917 to 1919

US Army wants you enlist c1917 to 1919

You are wanted by the US Army 660 Market San Fran btwn c1915 1918

For action enlist in the air service c1917 to 1920, Cushing, Otho

Come on boys Do your duty by enlisting c1917

Men wanted for the army btwn c1910 and 1915, Whelan, Michael P

General Pershing says A chance for you to enlist c1917 or 1919

Lighten his load c 1918

Twenty sheep to clothe c1917 1918

Women girls rest info go to YWCA c1917 or 1918

The men know home fols know c1918

Earn while you learn c1919

Engineers blaze the trail for education c1919

Know him by this sign the Medical Caduceus c1919

The signal corps c1919

Why not meet us in hero land c1917

Territory of Hawaii registration day c1917 or 1918

If you only knew c1917 1918

Be a trained nurse c1917 1918

Join the red cross candle in window c1917 1918

Amer Red Cross clothes overseas c1914 to 1918

Jr Red Cross comrades c1919

Your money or his life btwn c1914 to 1918

What can you do Join our Red Cross

What are you doing to help Join Amer Red Cross c1919, Grant, Gordon 1875-1962

The Red Cross sees a man through c1919

Red Cross first aid c1919

Many peoples One Nation poster c1917

Many peoples One Nation text c1917

Dawn after darkness c1918  Levy, Alexander Oscar 1881-1934

Liberty claims her own c1917 1918  Levy, Alexander Oscar 1881-1934

Liberty, freed, humanity’s need c1918  Levy, Alexander Oscar 1881-1934

The cross and the crusaders c 1917 Levy, Alexander Oscar 1881-1934

You in her thoughts poster c1917 1918.  This poster is a poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox extolling male virginity before marriage to prevent health problems related to sexually transmitted diseases.  Below is a zoom of the text.

Source:  Government Archives

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