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Friday the 13th Trivia Quiz

Happy Friday the 13th! To celebrate this date, here is a quiz on basic Friday the 13th trivia followed by some Friday the 13th and black cat humor. Best of […]

Can You Solve This Problem?

This problem can be solved by pre-school children in 5-10 minutes. By programmers in one hour. By people with a higher education… Well, check it out yourself and post the […]

A Rush Limbaugh Cartoon Q & A

Here is your chance to answer Rush Limbaugh’s question in the cartoon below. Rush says, “I said what I thought, then I apologized when I started losing advertisers.” He then […]

Who Said It, Santorum or Hitler?

A few days ago, Santorum compared Obama to Hitler, but in fact it is Santorum who has a few political ideals shockingly similar to Hitler’s. Don’t believe me? Take this […]