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“Dog Wars” New Google Android app glorifying dog fighting – please request removal

I came home and found a posting on my Facebook page about this new app on dog fighting! I have never been so shocked! I have two rescues, a mother/son duo with the son genetically born deaf and blind in one eye (aka a “lethal white aussie”). I have have helped with dog rescue, trained shelter dogs and adopt them out, etc etc etc. And have personal friends in the dog world who rescue pit bulls who often were rescued from fighting circles. And now, to see this app come out… it truly sickens me. Not that there’s enough violence in the world amongst men… then to glorify such a horrific illegal activity…. I am at a loss for words.

Here is an excerpt from the app page on the description:

“Feed, water, train and FIGHT your virtual dog against other player’s… action games, chatroom, many characters and dogs to choose from, virtual store, etc.

This is a fresh Beta version, come try it out. Drop your cred codes and ideas in the comments section or message boards on the web. Check the shoutbox in the game for news and game updates, or just talk fight and talk smack with other players.

Remember this is a Beta release…”

This is a legitimate app. I am only listing the link to it here so you may check this out for yourself… please do not download and play… Dog Wars, by Kage Games, LLC

The site calling for action is: BSL News

Now, it is very easy to request removal of this app… and any android app for that matter. Simply enter the name of the app and the developer. In this case, name: Dog Wars. Developer: Kage Games, LLC. You don’t enter in email, name or any other personal information. Please help make a stand against this app – and any other Android app you feel is inappropriate for that matter. Here is the link to request removal:

Android Market: Report Inappropriate Apps

Please be an activist, do not sit back and hope others get this done….. All dogs are begging you….

“PLEASE STOP THIS APP”, cries my two dogs…

Go ahead... I can hear your thoughts. Please share with the rest!

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