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Are we being too harsh on school kids for being kids?

In regards to my two previous posts:

Prom ban for teen who trespassed to ask date – Ban lifted on a case-by-case basis

Ohio Boys Suspended For Farting On School Bus… What? Yup!

Are our schools becoming to generous in suspending students for being, well, kids? We were all young at one time, too. I recall doing things which, at the time, we all thought was pretty cool. Now in my later more wisened years often wonder, “What was I thinking?” But you know what, I do not regret anything I’ve done. Yes, we broke rules, skipped school, took part in high school pranks. But all our parents, adults, and school administration all understood that kids will be kids.

Today, it is a much different world from the late 1970’s to early 1980’s when I was in high school. Gangs have grown rampant, drugs spread through our school faster than the flu. Knives, weapons, guns are brought into schools both to “show off” and to use on a rival gang member – or sadly, used in revenge for some sort of humiliation caused upon the bearer.

THESE are the teenagers we should be focusing on. Not the ones who are not causing any harm to themselves or to others. The prom posting sign was a valiant thing to do which we have nearly lost in our youth of today’s world. It was not merely a text message, “Hey, wanna go to the prom?” But this student took time, effort, and originality to do what he did in order to ask his girl to the prom. It is this “thinking outside the box” mentality that brings us our Einsteins, Wright Brothers, and Edison’s of the world. I hope this suspension, although brief, does not hinder this students creativity in the future. He, in addition to all youth, have possible greatness in their future. Allow them to develop and grow under their original thinking.

Now, as far as the flatulent student… well, I’m sure it’s not pleasant, but do you all not recall how fellow students find this body function humorous? Let them be. Open the window…..

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