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May 21st Judgement Day… well, this video isn’t really about this… just watch

When searching around for more Judgement Day or Rapture miscellany on the internet, I came across this video. I’m really at a loss for words, but do love the creativity here. I am going to have to favorite this one. Get past the intro guy, sit back and just watch…. oh, and the beat really does rock…


I have now surfed this bands channel a bit now, and have decided they are definitely not whacked out Jesus freaks. In fact, they are pretty good! Although some of their song topics are a bit off, with a strange sort of humor that I am finding to be very entertaining.

This band is called the Evik James Band. And here is their own description:

The Evik James Band is a gritty power pop trio based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, set this winter through summer to hit the surrounding venues, festivals and radio markets. Their new release “Under Your Sun” is fresh off the press and ready to tear through the airways into the ears of fans ranging from Tom Petty and John Cougar Mellencamp to Soul Asylum and Weezer.

The band consists of three highly explosive musicians. Evik James, is the lead vocalist and guitarist. Michael Fiato, handles bass and backing vocals. Jeff Thaves sits behind the drum set. The fresh and original music blends with interesting lyrics and sing-along melodies to create a musical cocktail that goes down easy.

Here are a few more videos, although strange, controversial, sensitive and rather macabre song topics, they hold music good enough that I’m sitting here tapping my foot and drumming my fingers on my desk.

Go ahead... I can hear your thoughts. Please share with the rest!

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