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Google’s odd search results

I’m sure we have all seen the odd drop-down search results that Google will automatically pull up based upon the number of searches previously done on that topic.  So thought I’d have some fun and see what the majority of some searches are…

“Why does….”

So kids being turned on by their mother is occurring enough to be in the top 5 searches?  Are they all named Oedipus?

“Telling someone….”

Is this before or after you have had sex?

“I hate it when I…”

These all made me scratch my head, so I took a peek.  The buying a bag of air is not a poor infomercial purchase, but is referencing a Facebook posting “I hate it when I buy a bag of packaged air and there are chips inside.”  Well, couldn’t you tell when you picked it up that there were no chips in it?  Or when there is very little rustling, there probably are not many in there?  Pick another bag…

The others are all Facebook postings, as well.  I guess they don’t have anything better to do.  Wait… what am I doing?  I’m actually searching this stuff…….  Uhhhh…. on to the next one, then.

“My boss is….”

Okay, no comment.  Next…………

“My husband…”

To all the people who google these items, the next item to google should be “divorce lawyer.”

“My wife has…”

Any husband who is googling borderline personality disorder… just watch your back.

And is there an epidemic of wives having ear infections?

“How to quit…”

Looks like Facebook has reached number 5 in the world of addiction.

“How to grow…”

This comes as no surprise.

“What smells like…”

Ummm… Answers are: skunk, rotten eggs, weed… but the blue paint one?  Why are you asking?

So, there you go.  This was mildly entertaining, but not enough to do it again.

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