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Man dies because policy restricted fire officials from entering the water to save him

This is completely outrageous and just flat out wrong!  Fire officials in Alameda CA stood by and watched a man die in the ocean because their policies restricted them from entering the waters to save him.  Even though I question whether or not the man died from suicide, as stated in this news video, that is irrelevant.  Whatever his circumstances may have been, he entered the waters alive, struggled, and drowned.  According to this feed, the fire officials stood by and watched.  Regardless of what the policy stated, these officials placed the policy over the welfare and life of the drowning man?  To hell with policy!  Turn to your superior, tell them, “I am going in after this man, fire me if you have to,” and save his life!

Where have our sense of morals gone?  I find this whole ordeal very disturbing.

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