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It’s a dogs day at work

Just a fun, feel-good video I compiled of footage I took on the day my dogs went to work with me.  The dog in the red coat is what is known as a “lethal white.”  He was born completely deaf and blind in one eye, which is a typical result of merle-to-merle breedings in Australian Shepherds.  The other dog is his mother.  I rescued them as a pair.  You will see me use several hand signals and touch commands with him, many are subtle.  The most common is a tap on the nose is his command to sit.

If you would like to know more details about these two, please visit my posting about them on my “Doggie Bloggie.”

Hope you enjoy the video.  We had a wonderful day together at work, and this is also my first video using Avid Media Composer…. I do have so much to learn, and completely love using it, and what is ahead in learning.



  1. Hi, I saw your blog today. I really enjoyed reading the whole article and watching the video. Thanks for writing this article “It’s a dog’s day at work”. In fact, he was an adorable and pretty Aussie dog. It was a worthwhile post. It was kudos to you in sharing this blog with us. Thanks for sharing. Keep it up.

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